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The World of Herodotus

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Ughts feelings and tradition crystallized in his writings stimulating San Francisco Chronic This odd project from 1962 is a discussion and analysis of Herodotus Herodotus is fairly straightforward to read and the author mentions most of his stories just as an outline while adding his opinionated and now dated commentary on ancient Greek history and culture A final segment of the book adds discussion of Greek literature in general with large uoted extracts About 30% of the way into the book one wonders whether it would be better to read one of the annotated translations of Herodotus directly eg The Landmark edition

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Herodotus's Histories provides the basis for this strong account of the Greek world from th This is just a review of the text the Folio Society edition is up to their very high standardsThis is an older book As Paul Cartledge mentions in his introduction there are a few ideas and views in it that are a bit outdated and having a fairly high degree of familiarity with the histories I informed by my own readings of it and secondary works had a number of points I would dispute That set aside this is a very erudite and enjoyable survey of 6th 4th century Greece bracketing the life of Herodotus by about 80 years on either side You could do a lot worse in a one volume history commentary

Free read µ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · Aubrey de Sélincourt

E 8th to the 5th centuries BC both the geography that he saw during his travels and the tho This book was recommended as in introduction to Herodotus’s Histories I don’t think it fulfills that task as well as the recent volume by James Romm Yale University Press 1998What Sélincourt’s treatment offers instead is a tour d’horizon of Greek culture in antiuity The main interest here is the author’s dissent from consensus opinions about the ancient Greeks based on his thorough knowledge and love of the literature The achievement of his Greeks was in many ways admirable but they were not as some maintain our betters in all aspects of civilization Their matter of fact cruelty and mendacity indeed their overall “self regarding ethics” to use Sélincourt’s phrase mean there is no need to idealize them Unfortunately Sélincourt doesn’t trust the reader to remember this insight the first second or third time he shares it This book was also useful in helping me to realize that we oversimplify when we refer in a general way to “the ancient Greeks” Are we talking about the dim antiuity of the Trojan War Of Homer’s gathering and shaping of legends of it centuries later Of the flowering of science and philosophy on the Ionian coast Of Periclean Athens There was continuity but also change One example of change not for the better is in the position of women in society which seems to have been better in earlier daysIn addition to overselling the author’s central insight the book suffers in general from being wordy and repetitive Phrases such as “as I have said” and “as we shall see” abound I savored in particular “it bears repeating” My interest sagged in the middle of the book when the author retells material Herodotus reports; for that I’d rather get it from the original Sélincourt’s love of Greek lyric poetry however is infectious and he is especially good on Plato So on balance I’m glad I stuck it out He convinces me of the greatness of Sappho makes me want to reread Homer and Sophocles and try some Plato For this I’m grateful

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About the Author: Aubrey de Sélincourt

Aubrey de Sélincourt was an English writer classical scholar and translator He was also a keen sailor He had over 24 books credited to his authorship but is chiefly remembered for his translations all for Penguin Classics of Livy's The Early History of Rome Books I to V and The War with Hannibal Books XXI to XXX Herodotus's Histories and Arrian's The Campaigns of Alexander