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  • Hardcover
  • 648
  • Le Costume historique
  • Auguste Racinet
  • English
  • 15 May 2017
  • 9783822821930

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Le Costume historique

Auguste Racinet ê 2 Review

Originally published in France between 1876 and 1888 Auguste Racinet's Le Costume Historiue was the most wide ranging and intelligent study of clothing ever published Covering the world history of costume dress and style from antiuity through the end of the 19th century the great work consolidated in 1888 into 6 volumes containing nearly 500 plates remains to this day completely uniue in its scope and detail Racinet's organization by culture and subject has been preserved in TASCHEN's magnificent and complete reprint as have excerpts from his delightful descriptions and often witty comments Perusing these beautifully detailed and exuisitely colored illustrations you. Another gorgeous Taschen book All color illustrations of a history of people's fashion from Native American Asian African and Europe from Ancient times to the 19th Century

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'll discover everything from the garb of ancient Etruscans to traditional Eskimo attire to 19th century French women's couture Though Racinet's study spans the globe from ancient times through his own his focus is on European clothing from the Middle Ages to the 1880s and this subject is treated with exceeding passion and attention to detail Costume History is an absolutely invaluable reference for students designers artists illustrators and historians; it is also an immensely fascinating and inspirational book for anyone with an interest in clothing and style al text 2500 manuscript pages in French and German as well as all plates and details in the form of high re. Pictures are great for reference I do wish there were English fashions shown in the 19th century

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Solution image files which are free of rights and can be used for any creative projectCONTENTS Part I The Ancient World Egypt Assyria Israel Persia and Phrygia Greece Etruscan Greco Roman Rome Barbarian Europe Celts and GaulsPart II 19th CenturyAntiue Civilizations Oceania Africa Eskimos North American Indians Mexican Indians South American Indians China Japan India Ceylon Middle East Orient TurkeyPart III Europe from Byzantium to the 1800s Byzantium France Byzantine Poland Italy Spain Germany France England HollandPart IV Traditional costumes of the 1880s Scandinavia Holland Scotland England Germany Switzerland Russia Poland Hungary Greece Italy Spain Portugal Fran. Read for the pleasure of the eyes and not for in depth information You will appreciate the beauty and effort that the author has put in to display knowledge of fashion from different ethnic groups

About the Author: Auguste Racinet

Albert Charles Auguste Racinet July 20 1825 Paris October 29 1893 Montfort l'Amaury was a French costume scientist illustrator painter and author of several to this day repeatedly reprinted costume and ornament history works