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Confessiones Sancti Patris nostri Augustini

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Aurelius Augustine AD 354 430 one of the most important figures in western Christianity and philosophy was the son of a pagan Patricius of Tagaste and his Christian wife Monnica While studying to become a rhetorician he plunged into a turmoil of philosophical and psychological doubts leading him to Manichaeism In 383 he moved to Rome and then Milan to teach rhetoric Despite exploring classical philosophical systems especially skeptic


Of alternative religious and theological viewpoints as he moved toward his conversion Cast as a prayer addressed to God though always conscious of its readers Confessions offers a gripping personal story and a philosophical exploration destined to have broad and lasting impact delivered with Augustine s characteristic brilliance as a stylistThis edition replaces the earlier Loeb Classical Library edition of Confessions by William Wat

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Ism and neoplatonism his studies of Paul s letters with his friend Alypius and the preaching of Bishop Ambrose led in 386 to his momentous conversion from mixed beliefs to Christianity He soon returned to Tagaste and founded a religious community and in 395 or 396 became Bishop of HippoConfessions composed ca 397 400 is a spiritual autobiography of Augustine s early life family personal and intellectual associations and explorations

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