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Sidekick Returns Sidekick in the City #2

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Bremy St James is back in a brand new adventure mixing chaos humour sex a. I received thi

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    Maybe Bremy isn’t faster than a speeding bullet or powerful than a locomotive but that girl has guts dedication determination and sometimes the worst luck ever Born in great wealth Bremy no longer wants to be the fluffy and shallow little rich girl under the control of her evil father Atticus There has to be important things in life than how many shoes one can own and Bremy found her cause as the sidekick to the mysterious superheroine Dark Ryder Sure Bremy needs training sure she isn’t the most athletic girl in the world but her heart is huge she ants to do the right thing in a world going dark from the soot of evil There are only a couple of things that stand in Bremy’s way in her uest for super hero sidekickness The Dark Ryder has disappeared poof gone and even Bremy’s twin sister seems to be keeping her distance from Bremy Does Atticus St James have something to do with Dark Ryder’s disappearance? Could she be a guest in Atticus’ evil laboratory? How can Bremy concentrate on eliminating crime one thug at a time if she cannot even find her hero and mentor? Manipulated by her father Bremy is about to reenter the world of the rich and gaudy for just one night but what happens that fateful night will leave her stunned and betrayed You know what they say when the going gets tough the tough get going and Bremy is on her way to save the day her mentor and maybe getting a little payback on Daddy DearestAuralee Wallace is back with another wild ride in Sidekick Returns Never have potential superheroes been lovable sincere and out of their league than our Bremy Sexy sweet and a bit bumbling at times at least she tries her best and whe it counts the most she even manages to succeed Hang on tight keep your hands in the car we are about to take off on another Sidekick adventure Trust me Batman may have his Robin but who do you think looks better in tights?Ms Wallace has another fun filled adventure to share that will leave you with a smile all while cheering for BremyI received this copy from Escape Publishing in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date December 8 2015Publisher Escape Publishing Harleuin Enterprises Australia Pty LtdISBN 9780857992888Genre Fantasy Superheroes HumorPrint Length 272 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    I received this book for free from Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewGenre Fantasy Science FictionRating 35My ThoughtsSidekick Returns is the second installment in the Sidekick in the City series by author Auralee Wallace Bremy St James aka the Sidekick is a former socialite who was cut off by her billionaire egomaniac megalomaniac father Atticus St James It has nearly a month since she helped Dark Ryder stop the crime of the century and now her mentor is missing from action and acting very strangely It's not easy being Bremy St James Thanks to her father she's fallen from the ranks of the rich and spoiled think Kardashian and now lives the life of an every day person who struggles to pay bills or put food on their table She works at a strip club and hates everyone there You can definitely call her judgy She walks the streets at night hoping to stop crimes from happening while proving that she is worthy of being Dark Ryder's Sidekick Full Review Posted Gizmos Reviews 12072015 December 1st 2015 by Escape Publishing

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    Oh Bremy how I love youOne day I hope we can be together again

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    Returns by Auralee Wallace is the second book that brings to us the very entertaining exploits of would be superhero Bremy St JamesI really enjoyed this in fact I’d go so far as to say I thought it was better than the firstIn this second instalment Bremy is once again striving to be the superhero Her mentor Dark Ryder seems to be giving her the cold shoulder her best attempts at crime fighting all end in disaster she seems to be getting mixed up deeply with the mob and her hot boyfriend appears to be giving her the Big E Things aren’t looking good and to top it all off Bremy’s maniac father is having her followed she’s not in his good books and given that he’s already tried to kill her once this means she needs to be very careful and her sister the one person in the world who she genuinely cares for is also ignoring her calls What could possible go wrong – well just read it and find outMadcap over the top comic book style adventures carnival floats baddies goodies moustache twirling female wrestling and kickass style antics Okay the moustache twirling I just made up but the rest is all in thereI’m not going to talk of the plot at all Suffice to say that this book is crazy zany fast paced and fun I really enjoyed it and the inner voice of Bremy made me laugh Think of Batman and all his super cool heroics his gadgets his demeanour – now deduct all of that and you’re still even nowhere near in the vicinity of the disaster of Bremy She makes you want to tear your hair out If something can go wrong it will She thinks she’s tough but frankly she’s of a flailing rich tea biscuit than a chunky hobnob She literally can’t see the writing on the wall even when it’s written on the wall in front of her eyes in huge pink neon letters with blinking lights and a huge arrow pointing to it However what Bremy lacks in superhero ability she makes up for with dumb persistence and being a bit of a softie She can be a bit ‘judgey’ or to the point her mouth tends to run away with her sometimes before her brain catches up but she’s really not a bad person and you do end up shouting in her cornerAnd to prove that she’s okay – she has a bunch of even weirder prickly on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside friends I’m particularly thinking of the chapters of the fancy pants party at the museum where Bart turns up as the Crime Mime and ueenie rolls up in a hearse accompanied by the Funeral Director and dressed as Jessica Rabbit’s evil sister Of course we have Bremy’s father who is the ultimate baddie but on top of this we have a new player called the Little Big Shot and a new superhero called The Angel of St James who is very capable and has her own bag of goodies – not to mention a capeI’m really not going to elaborate further I think this was a great second story – I’m pretty certain it could be read as a standalone It’s an excellent comic book style superhero story with oodles of crazy fun and seat of the pants action I thoroughly enjoyed itThanks to the author and publisher for a review copy I sincerely hope there’ll be Bremy on the cards

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    Sidekick Returns follows former spoilt rich girl socialite turned wannabe superhero sidekick Bremmy St James as she stumbles admirably if humourously through her new and dangerous life That of noble crime fighting badass complete with mask and catsuitIt had been a while since I'd read the first book in the series Sidekick so I was slightly fuzzy on the details going into this seuel; I just knew I'd enjoyed it As soon as I went back to look at the phenomenal cover of book one with its amazing glum superhero depiction it brought a smile back to my faceHeading into this book it wasn't long before all the good things came crashing back to me Firstly there's Bremmy of course An irresistibly uirky self doubting and irreverent lead character She is absolutely hilarious and the best thing about the series for me Her narration is nothing short of joyful I'm sure I must have read the whole book smiling In this respect I'd say this series would be perfect for fans of Darynda Jones Molly Harper and other such hilarious literary ladiesThen of course there's super hot slightly nerdy journalist Pierce as the potential love interest We were treated to some very interesting developments not all good in that departmentAlso there's the developing story arc from book one You may recall if you read book one and haven't read eleventy nine million other books since then like me that Bremmy has a wheelchair bound twin sister and a maniacally evil scientist father with far too much money and power for anyone's safety Some clever twists and excellent writing has kept this area just as fresh and exciting as book one if not soAnd finally there's Bremmy's mentor and inspiration Dark Ryder An actual superhero and everything Bremmy wishes she could be While desperately trying to regain her attention and point blank refusing to believe she might be avoiding her on purpose she stumbles upon something that's going to test her sidekick skills to the limitA thoroughly enjoyable read Can't wait for 5 Stars ★★★★★  A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    The second installment of the Sidekick series raises the stakes even higher After Atticus' escape from the prison in Book 1 things are uiet too uiet Bremy feels she is ready to take her place at Dark Ryder's side only she is nowhere to be found and it isn't long before ready or not Bremy is right back in the thick of things with her motley crew at her side It's no secret that I love everything Auralee Wallace writes and unlike most writers she seems to get better and better with every word If you haven't read the first installment one click it immediately and hold on cause the circus is in town For the rest of you it is only three short weeks until you can reacuaint yourselves with Bart ueenie Pierce and meet the Little Big Shot think pint size Robin Thicke shudder the Angel of St James the Crime Mime and funeral director Kevin straight out of the Addams Family It's an unholy combination that works like something you could never imagine with eual parts hilarity and humanity that only Bremy can handle with her trademark naive obstinate perseverance that she can change the world with a bit of help from her friends Book one was much like a fun house circus ride but in book two we discover a much darker side to super heroism that will ultimately pit Bremy against a foe she never imagined her own twin sister If you appreciate uniue adrenaline filled subtly witty and occasionally farcical stories then the Sidekick series is for you Think Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a soupcon of Star Wars thrown in for good measure Take my advice read them You won't regret it

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    Escape Publishing Publishing Date December 2015ISBN9780857992888Genre SciFiRating 195 Publishers Description Fresh off thwarting the crime of the century Bremy St James is back and determined than ever to fight by the side of the city’s top superhero Dark Ryder There’s just one problem Dark Ryder’s disappeared Review Cover needs a redo Brianna Bri Bremy Brem Bre as our heroine is known used to be speshul and chose to leave her gilded life for sleeping next to a toilet seat See she hates her evil dad and his money so now works for evil pimps and jolly Russian Mafioso’s Good trade? Ummmno Believable? Never Not when you have sharks in tanks with descending victims a super human twin sister and runaway crystal floats orchestrated solely to play games with an errant disloyal daughter Does it have to be believable? Not really In this case there was just too much going on that was abnormal coupled with pages and pages of dialogue about Ms Speshul After awhile you just start flipping pages to get to the meat There is some witticisms and the writing is pretty good it just got a little too cutesy with the “I’m a poor little rich gurl who threw it all away to fight crime” shtick Additionally there were numerous grammatical errors throughout

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    Amazing Auralee Wallace has written yet another stellar book Her charters are fun and exciting a page turner that you never want to put down or ever have it end

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    With Dark Ryder missing after the first novel Bremy St James is on her own in the city’s dark streets trying to be a super heroine but no one is taking her seriously Dark Ryder has been seen on rooftops shouting weird things and acting completely strange and Bremy is worried that her father is to blame for her strange actions But Ryder’s mentor Choden is also missing And Bremy’s father is definitely up to no good This time he may even kill Dark Ryder if Bremy can’t stop him But she can’t even stop a purse snatcher how could ever hope to stop her super villain father?This was another exciting tale of Bremy St James Dark Ryder’s Sidekick wannabe All of the regulars from the first novel are back and throw in a few this time around for some hijinks Bremy’s mobster landlord gets her involved in underground wrestling plus she’s still working at the strip club as a gopher for the strippers All of her crime stopping attempts end in her looking like a fool Poor Bremy begins thinking maybe she doesn’t have what it takes Then to her surprise her wheel chair bound twin sister does become a super heroine through their villainous father’s manipulations in the scientific laboratory But she’s working for their evil father There’s no one to save Dark Ryder No one unless I really loved the original cover for the first book as it featured a super heroine but I think the publisher wants a new look for the series so now the covers feature a boring image of just a beautiful woman I wasn’t expecting the ending and a new beginning maybe? and I did miss Dark Ryder as she is not around to help Bremy in this adventure She’s a captive in the lab of the super villain To be honest I like Bremy but I’m a fan of Dark Ryder too and I really wanted to see of her as she takes care of her bumbling Sidekick Still the author’s writing is fun and the story rates five stars Highly recommended

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