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Gue but she's never hidden her desire to break down all of Teague's barriers and corrupt him entirely When Teague accepts her proposal of a na. Avril has done it again A sizzling read that packs a punch at every tur

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What's the answer to a slow burn A super hot flingHigh flying US lawyer Teague Hamilton has always been way out of free spirited Frankie's lea. Avril Tremayne wraps up her Reunions series on a high with a combinatio Managerial Decision Making up her Reunions series on a high with a combinatio

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Ughty but nice fling she's as surprised as he is But will their hot two weeks be enough to uench a desire that's been burning for ten long yea. I LOVE stories where friends become lovers Have been waiting for Teague

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    Avril Tremayne wraps up her Reunions series on a high with a combination of friends with benefits and opposites attract along with a sprinkling of Pretty Woman And Frankie and Teague definitely deliver on the naughty As it happens I like the slow steady type closely related to the strong silent type Kind ofperfect” Will certainly be reading from this author in the future

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    Oh I have been really looking forward to getting to know Teague a little better so this was a much anticipated book and it did not disappoint it is passionate hot emotional and I loved getting to know Teague and the love of his life Frankie sit back and enjoy you might want to keep some very cold water and a fan at the readyFrankie is an Aussie dancer she has been alone for a long time looking after herself since she was sixteen she is independent and only ever relies on herself but there has been someone that has held her heart for many years since she met him when she was living in The States oh but he is way out of her league Me Perfect she calls him but when he arrives on her doorstep in Bondi to deliver a ring that has a story of its own to her Bondi apartment things heat up and she offers him a proposition determined to break down his barriersExtremely rich US lawyer Teague Hamilton is conservative always does the right thing and there is a reason for that he is caring and has arrived in Sydney for the famous yacht race but needs to see Frankie first with a mysterious parcel sent by their friend Matt when he arrives to a near naked Frankie and she ends up offering him a proposal he cannot refuse and boy does two weeks with Frankie open him upThis really is a wild passionate ride that will make you laugh and smile these two people have been very much in love for some time Frankie knew she wanted Teague but it took Teague a bit longer to realise his love for Frankie and what a spectacular way they came together these two were very much meant to be together and I can highly recommend this story you rock MS Tremayne thank you for another fabulous story

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    Getting Naughty by Avril Tremayne is a sexy romance for two long time friends who finally decide to give in to their unreuited lust and have a fling getting than expected in the bargainFrankie and Teague have run in the same circles for years though they’ve never been than friends The possibility of a relationship may have popped up in their thoughts periodically but it was complicated by other friends relationships and long distance Now they have a chance to put things to rights and explore their attraction to each otherTeague an American lawyer is in Australia for a few weeks around Christmas time and delivers a parcel to Frankie on behalf of one of their mutual friends Both unencumbered by relationships Frankie proposes to Teague that they have a fling while he’s there which Teague accepts Hot sex and fun times are a given but they have some complicated baggage – can they overcome their issues and find their way to a real happy ever after?For of this review please visit Harleuin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review

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    I loved this bookWell done for another fantastic read by the extremely talented author Ms TremayneGetting Naughty is funny witty at times maddening – towards both main characters Teague Hamilton and Frankie Lee to get their heads together and be on the same page especially when they love one another A rich US lawyer and hardworking Aussie girl battle for their own wits in love in this fabulous book The story was superb and heart felt when you read about their pasts to the present you understand their bull headedness behaviour to please other peopleI recommend this DARE book – Getting Naughty – by Avril Tremayne

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    This book was so beautiful and Teague Hamilton really stole the show for me with his innocence his past his adorableness his open mind his insecurities his love his lust his determinations his fears his protectiveness his personality his grand gestures EVERYTHING He is officially up there as one of my top five favourite book boyfriends and Getting Naughty is also officially up there as one of my top ten favourite books I didn’t think I’d like it but the impossible happened and I fell head over heels for this book these characters and their romantically sexy and adorable romance together Five Stars all the way

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    Avril has done it again A sizzling read that packs a punch at every turn Frankie is a hoot from the word go and the way she cracks Teague's Perfect persona had me grinning like an idiot I love the splashes of Pretty Woman the believable and well rounded leads plus their supporting acts and the awesome one liners I've come to expect from Avril I want to throw some examples in here but then it will spoil the magic for you when you come across them for the first time You'll just have to read it to discover them for yourself And that endinghow utterly perfect 3

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    Steamy with lots of sexual tensionThis was a great read from cover to cover Even though I knew there would be HEA I really didn't believe free spirited Frankie could completely knock down all of Teague's tightly wound barriers It kept me reading to the end with anticipation to see how they would resolve their differences I wasn't disappointed Nice job Avril Tremayne on the smooth hot read

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    I LOVE stories where friends become lovers Have been waiting for Teague's story and this did NOT disappoint It's not only a hot sexy read the author makes you feel the emotions of the characters I was completely absorbed and even loving the other 2 books in this series this one was my favorite

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    This would be an opposites attract story if Frankie and Teague were really opposites At first it seems like Frankie who is an exotic dancer and Teague who is a lawyer really are polar opposites but as the story unfolds it becomes obvious they have a lot in common than just lust Teague has basically been pole axed by Frankie since they first met Despite being a rich and urbane guy Teague can't understand why Frankie would want him and he pretty much reverts to stammering and blushing whenever Frankie sasses him which is often Frankie has been fascinated by the up tight Teague for years but she can't break through his reserve so she thinks he isn't into her Eventually their mutual friends decide to help them out and arrange for Frankie and Teague to have a window of opportunity for a hot fling Despite their mutual and extreme lack of insight about each other they finally manage to connect and it's red hotTeague usually tries to buy his way out of trouble while Frankie brazens her way out so they have to learn a lot about each other and themselves to make it work but by the end of the book I was convinced they are perfect for each other This book isn't the emotional rollercoaster of Getting Lucky or Getting Even the other two books in this series because Frankie isn't that kind of heroine I'm glad she gets her happily ever after with Teague because he needed her and he's perfect for her Even though this is a very sexy and hot love story I ended up with a warm glow because they are so right for each other

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    That Frankie opinion about herself is to degrade herself n fighting kind gestures from a teague who gets tongue tied around her blatant sexual persona That frankie's asdumptions about teagues being able to adapt to other people's comfort levels n titles of his mr prefect persona shows her immature outlook about teague Makes his own past that much intriguing as to why he ever started protecting himself from hurtGreat ending

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