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Josie and Rebecca The Western Chronicles

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Escape the horrors of the present Their destinies come together one fateful afternoon when the feared outlaw makes the choice to rescue a you. Xena Uber Lesbian western is not my fave subgenre that said I've read uite a few including some fanfic This is the bottom of the genre imo This does not include simply awful writing Well enough written some incorrect words used if you want to get picky I didn't find the story compelling enough and at times believable enough to give a higher rating It does say something that I finished it with it as long as it is

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Ng woman in trouble For her part Josie Hunter considers the brief encounter at an end once the girl is safe but Rebecca Cameron has other idea. Left it in the middlewas not able to relate to the characters I think after this I realised I don't like masculine characters


At the center of this story are two women; one a deadly gunslinger bitter from the injustices of her past the other a gentle dreamer trying to. Long and slow Sooo long and so slow Repetitive as well 34 of the book is a succession of kind of boring events with no real plotWay too corny So corny it borders on ridiculous Incredibly stereotypical and manichean Why can't I find a western story that doesn't depict people and situations in such unnuanced ways Rebecca is so clueless it's annoying She is unreasonable than she is brave She cries way too much and acts like a child during most of the bookJosie is all right she is sweet in the tough butch with feelings kind of way but there isn't that much to her to be honest I couldn't get past the age difference and the fact that their relationship is way too mother daughter to be taken seriously I really don't know why Josie would fall in love with someone as naive as Rebecca I guess what bothers me the most in this story is the lack of substance and the lack of feelings in the narration It's like being told a story with no intonation I hear the words they make sense but they only just scratch the surface of what they could conveyI couldn't get into it It took me hours to finish the first few chapters because I'd put the book down every few paragraphs I was so bored But the rating was so high I kept trying and trying hoping I'd find something exciting in the plot or in the characters but nothing 2 stars for very hot sex scenes and okay writing

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