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    SPOILERS I really wasn't going to bother writing a review for this but I thought I should mention a couple of things here so you don't waste your money unnecessarily It sure would've helped me hell of a lot since I purchased this blindly without ANY spoilersI didn't finish this bodice ripper because1 The hero already had 2 wives when he marries the heroine Moreover he sleeps with them all The hero acuires the heroine at a raid and he forces her to marry him All goes well while they're traveling back to his home They get to know each other and are intimate However when they land all hell breaks loose because the heroine discovers his wives and refuses to share his bed So he turns to his other wives and his female slaves This goes on for about a year and all that time the heroine is preggers 2He raped his 2nd wife for refusing him and this wife looks like a child which just made it that much worse for me I literally thought I would vomit His beating and raping of her leaves bruises so the heroine had to take care of her in the morning3 He cheats on the wives with female slaves4 Writing was unappealing and boring I felt my mind wonder I don't uite remember than this since I've been trying to forget this God awful book from my memory Read this at your risk I do love the cover

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    “Tara’s Song” by Barbara Ferry Johnson is yet another middling Viking romance that disappoints Written in the late 70’s at the height of the bodice ripper era you’d expect this Viking Romance to rapacious and fun but I found it rather ho humHaving been betrayed by love the h is not a virgin stunning blonde Tara enters into a convent Despite what the book burb claims Tara is actually not a novice but a full fledged nun who has taken all her religious vows For some mysterious reason some of her fellow nuns ensure that Tara study the pagan Nordic runes Obviously the elder sisters knew their convent would be overtaken by a horde of ravenous Vikings and runic readings would come in handy for protection later onTara's new life begins when she is captured by Rorik He of the long curly reddish blond hair and two long mustaches that reach past his chin but no beard I imagine him as a young metal god like a cross between Dave Mustaine James Hetfield only with lots of muscles But alas even though Rorik is a marauder he’s BORING As in so many Viking books I‘ve read the hero is a bad ass warrior who kills and slays hundreds But we rarely see Rorik do any of this as it’s told in constrictive first person perspective The first person POV is really a hindrance here Tara tells rather than shows and there’s a lot of info dumping and information overload some so very inaccurate like eating potatoes in Norway in the 900’s Reminded me of the chocolate colored eyes of the OW in Johanna Lindsey’s “Hearts of Fire” Research people It’s a basic thing The Vikings were also portrayed as dirty and unkempt never bathed with un groomed beards and wore clichéd two horned helmets in battleAnyway Rorik doesn’t force himself on Tara like a pillaging Viking would; at first he romantically seduces her into his bed Meh Give me a Viking who’s a pillager FIRST then learns to be romantic and civilized later on to a certain extent Where’s the fun in the fantasy if the hunky Viking doesn’t take me er I mean the heroine over his shoulder and have his wickedly erotic way with her on sight? Why does he have to charm her into bed? That’s for Regency rakes not Vikings At least there is a naughty twist Rorik is a polygamist and he takes Tara home to his harem of wives That’s right Rorik has not one but two wives and Tara is number three As a pious Christian former nun she resents this So she prays for the day that Rorik will cast off his other wives divorce them and be with only her because that that would the honorable thing For her When Tara won’t give into Rorik’s lust he just goes to the other wives to satisfy him But it’s Tara he loves Eventually one of Rorik’s wives plots against them and Rorik and Tara are kidnapped and separately sold into slavery into the eastWhen the hero is boring and the hH are parted for a long time in the book I don’t mind as long as the heroine is up to fun adventures Regrettably Tara’s adventures fall a bit flat At least with lesser known bodice ripper authors like Melissa Hepburn or Janette Seymour there were some amusing exploits Here Tara’s escapades consist of getting the flu during the worst winter ever or getting her first taste of eating oranges There’s Tara in Norway shopping; now there’s Tara in Constantinople shoppingThe most interesting character in the book is Olav an older Viking who has also been captured as well as castrated and is Tara’s faithful companion He could have been a complex character but alas Ferry takes his personality heart and emotions away with his balls and his sole devotion to Tara is that of a slavish dog like protector not a man who can ever physically or even emotionally love It would have been intriguing to see just for the WTF factor like Bertrice Small’s “Enchantress Mine” but no nothing special in this bookActually that’s not 100% true as there is one mildly engaging scenario when Tara gets kidnapped and then is willingly seduced by a handsome and haughty overbearing lord Although she enjoys his lovemaking she finds him so arrogant; how dare he lust for her body so Just days later she is dismayed to see a sexy young male slave dance his way into her lover’s bed Guess Tara’s not as hot as she thinks Again a faintly similar situation was portrayed in “Enchantress Mine” although in a much shocking and entertaining fashion and I wasn’t crazy about EM because I hated the heroine so to me “Tara’s Song” is the lesser bookO ancient gods of the Norse At times this book was as dry as the turkey from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” HoweverIt does get good in the last few pages where Rorik once and for all displays his brutal warrior skills instead of us just being told about it He cruelly dispatches his enemies in a slaughter demonstrating his true awesome Nordic might Too bad; too late Where was that Rorik 400 pages ago?2 stars D

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    For those of you who love a good Viking romance but have trouble finding one this may be the book for you It’s available used in paper very reasonably priced The story of an unlikely but true love between two people from different cultures will hold your attention and your heartTold from the first person our heroine Tara this is a sweeping saga that covers many years in the life of a young woman you will come to love You will experience the time period the 10th century and how the Vikings lived including what they wore what they ate what they believed their governing bodies the ships they sailed in and their marriage and family customs You also get a feeling for the extent of their raiding and travels in the world at the time and the use of slaves by the various countries It was fascinating Tara is the beautiful flaxen haired younger daughter of an earl living in the south of Britain in the 900s At 15 she falls in love with Ian the son of a neighboring lord and they become lovers He tells her he loves her but that is something she doubts when Tara's father betroths her older sister to Ian with Ian's full consent Tara is so distraught she runs away to the nearest abbey where she takes vows and lives for the next 7 years While she would not have chosen the cloistered life she finds peace and meaning thereThe story begins when she is 21 and Vikings raid the south of England The abbey is in their path and all of the nuns are raped andor killed and the abbey burned Tara escapes rape only to be taken captive saved as a prize for the Viking leader who was not at the abbey The leader Rorik is the eldest son of a Viking jarl Once Rorik takes Tara onto his ship he tells her she will become his wife He ostensibly gives her time to consider this but then tricks her into a uick marriage From a nun to a pagan's wife is a giant leap but Tara is willing to accept her lot and begins to have feelings for Rorikthat is until they reach his home Hordaland where she learns some hard truths And that is just the beginning of this extraordinary taleThe story kept me turning pages until late at night You had to feel for Tara who is betrayed on so many levels by almost all the men in her life and faces challenges most of us will never know Of course at that time women were merely possessions there for the pleasure of men and their political gain; but it was possible to find love in all of that And Tara does amazingly If you're looking for a different romance one that is well written and gives you a real feeling for the time period I can recommend it It's a believable Viking romance with lots of action including storms at sea adventures on land and on ship captives slave trading wolf attacks etc as well as heartbreaking and heartwarming episodes

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    The book had it's moments but over all I didn't care for it Also there was a good deal of the book maybe a third or or it could have been less just seemed that long where Hh were apart Reading about Tara and her eunuch slave Olav hanging out in the Middle East didn't really hold my interest although I did like his character felt sorry for him as he had a miserable life after being made a slave And in defense of Tara she did not think of him as a slave but as a friend treated him that way And there was something about Rorik that just didn't hit it with me At times he seemed whimpy to be a viking until near the end Oh well just my take

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    My second attempt at reading this book worked out better than the first I skipped through the opening scene and was rewarded with an interesting description of the Viking's lives There are several reasons however that it is only a three stars book for me First there was not enough interaction between H and h Both were captured and led several lives for most part of the book Secondly a large part of the book was set in Constantinople where the h lived as guest in a harem I would have liked it much better to read about Vikings in a self declared Viking romance instead if the live in a harem The third reason is that the story did not capture me I think that this was caused by the author's writing style that was much too clinical for my liking Eg the actual Hero in the book was not Rorik but Olav an Eunuch who saves our h and spends most of the time with her At the end of the book his dying is worth a couple of sentences nothing That is only one of many examples where the dramaturgy of the story died a painful death

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    I read this when I was seven and was convinced for far too long afterwards that adult sexuality involved nuns in training being taken on a pile of animal skins by marauding Vikings Not that there's anything wrong with that

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    This book took me to a time so well described that I felt like I was there The raid on the convent in the beginning was so convincingA beautiful innocent woman captured and taken so far away from everything she knows must learn to find a place in her new home Her love and understanding of her captor is rewarded with the protection and softening of the heart from the strong man who has taken herI have read this book at least 4 times The love story breaks your heart and makes you weep at times It is one of my favorite books of all timeThis story should be read by anyone interested in vikings capturing young maidens

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    This book captured my attention immediately There is no lull while we get to know the characters the very first page begins with the Viking raid upon the convent in Britain where the heroine Tara lives as a novice nun The background information is filled in here and there throughout the book though so the reader still gets to know about the characters particularly Tara as the book is in first person as told by the heroineAlthough the book's blurb describes her as having to get over her fear of the hero Rorik she never came across as being overly fearful of him some fear yes but not nearly as much as I would expect of an average woman in any century She seemed afraid for her soul due to her religion and his than of the man himselfNormally I do not care for books where the hero and heroine are separated from each other against their will for any length of time but in this book there was so much going on during that separation rather than her sitting around missing him that it was not the unpleasant reading I come to expect from the periods of separationThe plot ran along smoothly and never felt forced to me Sometimes it feels as though an author has tried to add scenes or situations just to add length to a book but everything seemed to flow fairly naturally there were one or two times where I felt Tara seemed to change from anger to love behave out of character or do an about face with her beliefs a bit too uickly but who can say how a woman of that time and with that upbringing and one who admits she needs a man's strength would do given the same circumstances?For me the only real draw back for the story was the level of steamthere was not really much there The intimate scenes were rather brief and with almost no details But on the other hand there weren't a bunch of ridiculously flowery phrases used to describe these scenes either something I absolutely detest in romance novels by some authors I would have also liked to have had a bit information at the end of the book I won't say what I would have wanted answered because I don't want to give anything away but I didn't want the story to end anyway always a sign of a good book for meAs to the characters I liked both the hero and the heroine uite a lot Because the story was first person from Tara's point of view there was not as much of Rorik as I would have liked to have seen I felt he was a nice balance of the civilized male modern readers tend to demand in a hero with what would be realistic for a 10th century Viking warrior he was neither completely civilized nor totally barbaric It was also endearing to see his interaction and love for his children and his father's with his grandchildren Tara also was an interesting blend Modern readers often like to see a strong female lead but women in the 10th century simply were not usually overly independent She showed both strength of self and a dependence on a strong man depending on the situation There were many interesting supporting characters as well Some I loved and some I loathed but they all came together to make the book one I had a hard time putting down I read it in two daysAlthough it is rare for me to give a book a 5 star rating I gave one to this book because I couldn't give it 4 12 I would have taken off a half star for the low steam and the things left unanswered at the conclusion they could have easily been answered with a page or two epilogue Since I immediately felt the urge to flip back to the beginning and reread the book though I felt it deserved than the 4 stars I normally give a book I enjoyed Because I am on disability and not interested in watching the television I read books all the time It has been a while since I have discovered a book I've enjoyed as much as this one I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this on openlibraryorg and am so grateful I borrowed it It is certainly one I will revisit in the future

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    There are a lot of similarities in style between Barbara Ferry Johnson's Tara's Song and the historical romances of Bertrice Small but unfortunately this book did not captivate me as the best of Small always manages to so and it ended up being a DNF I have to admire the author's painstaking recreation of Viking customs and culture It was truly beautifully rendered and the most enjoyable aspect of the book for me It is obvious she has a deep love and passion for her subject matter and perhaps she should have written a straight historical fiction in this setting Overall the setting felt very realistically rendered from the Viking raid of the heroine's convent to the Viking village where she is taken and even the capture by pirates and near brush with slave trading There is even a flirtation with a harem though there is no actual joining of a harem by the heroine at least not until the part I readWhat made me DNF was the lack of emotional connection with either of the main characters Every time I wanted to sympathize with the heroine she went off and committed one spiteful stupid choice putting herself and those around her in dangerThere was nothing redeemable about her She started off as a vain spoiled entitled and weak girl and that is where I left her off The so called hero had little to commend him either A fail on the romance for me an interesting read from the historical pov Review initially posted in 2015 edited in 2016

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    I just read this book after it being recommended very highly by a friend The characters are well written and sympathetic the story arc exciting and complex and the writing style is necessarily descriptive but not overly so Further there is epic romance tragedy and adventure to be hadTara's Song took me on a wonderful adventure capturing me very early on and holding me firmly until the very last page I recommend it strongly anyone who enjoys historical romance

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