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Elisabeth The Princess Bride Austria Hungary 1853

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N over her older sister to be the wife of Franz Joseph Emperor of Austria From that moment on she is thrown into an intimidating world of restrictions and tremendous resp. I wasn't sure who this one was about but I am glad I picked it up I never realized how long the Hapsburg's ruled Austria I felt kind of bad for Elisabeth's sister Helene because she had worked so hard to my a good empress and then when they arrived the Emperor didn't want anything to do with her it was all very sad I had hoped that since Elisabeth and Franz Joseph actually started out in lust with one another that maybe they would be one of the few royal couples to have a happy ending but alas it was not to be I disliked her Aunt Sophie and couldn't figure out what the big deal was with her dislike of Elisabeth As far as I could tell Elisabeth was polite than she had any reason to be to her husbands mother and it was also extremely frustrating that Franz Joseph wouldn't stand up for Elisabeth to his mother Momma's boys are so unattractive I also think it is sad that her life ended by being stabbed I mean where were her guards at that crucial moment I think I will have to start reading up on the Hapsburg's now I didn't realize how important they were until this book

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Onsibilities Feeling lonely and alienated Elisabeth is forced to rely upon her own personal strength which eventually leads her down the aisle and into an uncertain futur. I would have given this book 4 stars except I would have liked backstory on Elisabeth's family and position and at 93 pages the book definitely had space to do so I mean I didn't even know Poppy was her father until she mentions him having other children I also felt like there was a big disconnect between the diary portion and the historical note and not just because the historical note doesn't really focus on Elisabeth Elisabeth apparently became known as a fashion icon later in life so why not introduce little nuggets like this in the diary part Make a stronger connection to the actual historical figure

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Author Barry Denenberg brings us into the whirlwind that is the life of Princess Elisabeth of Austria A free and impetuous spirit Elisabeth is chosen at the age of fiftee. I liked the diary part of this novel but it really paled in comparison to the epilogueafterwordhistorical note part that technically is not even part of the novel The afterword is longer than the actual diary and it really makes one wish that the novel had been based on her life after marriage rather than on the few months between meeting the Emperor and marrying him Elisabeth seems like such a tragic character and I think basing my opinion on the afterword that her life desearved much of a commemoration than a the 93 pages dedicated to her diary She sounds absolutely fascinating and intelligent Despite being basically tricked and forced into marriage at sixteen she became a becon of light for millions of oppressed in her husband's centuries old dynastic rule She loved to ride write poetry and thumbed her nose at the useless conventions of the Habsburg court She was also human Her beauty had so long been haled as the epitome that she was afraid to lose it She spent hours getting ready for the day and tried countless methods to stay beautiful She eventually became anorexic by today's standards she was so desperate to stay thin At the age of 60 she was assinated by an anarchist while walking down the street Such a tragic character surely desearves This is one princess I definately intend to read about

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Barry Denenberg is the critically acclaimed author of non fiction and historical fiction His historical fiction includes titles in the Dear America My Name is America and Royal Diaries series many of which have been named NCSSCBC Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People His nonfiction books have covered a wide array of topics from Anne Frank to Elvis Presley After the publicatio

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