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    Was it better to die in happy ignorance or terrified knowledge? The answer if you’re a Londoner is that it’s better not to die at all This series does what most urban fantasies avoid¹ it seamlessly integrates the 'urban' and the 'fantastical' parts creating a lovely well crafted enjoyable reading experience that remains grounded in reality with just the right touch of whimsy to keep it moving along nothing to see here Don't you just loooove my pathetic attempts at police humor? Wait until I come up with some copsdonuts jokes really¹ When I think of my favorite magic meets real world stories the overpowering focus is always on the magical bits after all isn't that what makes them exciting? The books I'm thinking about include the Dresden books Gaiman's Neverwhere all the Harry Potter books by the way one of the covers for this book includes the blurb of it being a blend of CSI and Harry Potter cue the eyeroll from me and even the much disliked by me Miéville's Kraken Unlike the abovementioned trend and maybe it's the fault of my way of selecting my pleasure reads after all Whispers Underground is first and foremost very much a police procedural that just happens to intersect with the slightly unusual aspects of London life the ones that include river goddesses goblins and occasionally strange creatures euipped with vagina dentata no less It gave me “the eye”— the fearsome gaze that sheepdogs use to keep their charges in line But I gave it “the look”— the stare that policemen use to keep members of the public in a state of randomized guilt But with the exception of employing Peter Grant of the Folly the London based magical crime suad that as of this book has been expanded to full THREE members the police approach to investigating a suspicious murder of a young American university student in the depths of London Underground has very little of magical wand waving and very much of old fashioned suspect uestioning report writing and the down and dirty in this book pretty much literally exploration of the less savory part of the city including but not limited to London sewers Yes this book gives you uite a literal look at what you can refer to as London's underbelly Experience comes complete with the description of the feces tinged smell as a side bonus The aforementioned London sewers Actually they look rather cool don't they?You know far from magic be all approach it presents policing as actual work firmly grounded in the real world policing techniues and approaches And I love it In all honesty magic itself in this series is actually uite grounded as well very rational and scientific from what we've seen so far which is reflected in the freuent comparisons that Peter Grant draws between it and science So just chalk it up to pixie dust or uantum entanglement which was the same thing as pixie dust except with the word “uantum” in itLow sample size— one of the reasons why magic and science are hard to reconcile In the same vein Peter Grant is first and foremost a twenty something London policeman and a guy well versed in popular culture with its niches for nerdiness loving souls and only secondarily an apprentice wizard with propensity for treating magic as a branch of science that ought to be experimented with to the utmost chagrin of his old fashioned master mentor and with a still very steep learning curve ahead of him Now you could literally fill two whole libraries complete with card files reference sections and a brass ladder thing that whooshes around on rails with everything I don’t know about magic I've talked a lot about my eternal love for Peter Grant and his nerdy dorky brand of dry and freuently self deprecating humor that shines on every single page of this book and believe it or not never feels out of place And I will say it again it is the hilarious and smart narrative voice that makes these books truly shine That was Seawoll she said Stephanopoulos is on her way down and you’re not to do anything stupid until she gets hereYou burn down one central London tourist attraction I thought and they never let you forget it Let me give you some examples of the humor that made me laugh out loud in the hospital cafeteria while I was stealing a few precious minutes to read while stocking up on the life saving caffeinated drinks to sustain my brain through the endless hospital shift hours and these sudden outbursts of giggles probably caused a fair share of confused looks from some of my patients who were momentarily distracted from responding to their substance fueled internal stimuli by my sheer joyJust like its predecessors this book boasts some exuisitely politically correct humor forget about 'black magicians' they are to a mixed race Peter simply ethically challenged and then in true European fashion some humor that that is painfully not politically correct My dad was a fairy” said a character “And by that I don’t mean he dressed well and enjoyed musical theatre”There is obligatory irreverent homage to the books that helped inspire it and the dorky nerdy culture in which Peter Grant thrives illustrated in this alcohol fueled exchange between Peter and his raised on Sophie Kinsella books and supposedly not well versed in the Dungeons and Drangons rules co apprentice Lesley You’re so boring she said You’d think a copper who was a wizard would be interesting Harry Potter wasn’t this boring I bet Gandalf could drink you under the tableProbably true but I don’t remember the bit where Hermione gets so wicked drunk that Harry has to pull the broomstick over on Buckingham Palace Road just so she can be sick in the gutter As any book featuring wizarding apprentices this one of course cannot be complete without featuring our heroes' magical mentors I mean how can one do without one? You know the types the grey haired bearded wizened sages think your average Gandalf and Dumbledore here that give all kinds of wisdom infused life saving advice Like this coming from Peter's mentor Nightingale This should give you some protection from a fireball while you stage a tactical withdrawal By which he meant run like fuck “Nightingale turned up” she said “He was hoping to shout at you a bit to show his affection in a gruff manly and safely nongay way but you were asleep so he just sort of milled around for a while and then off he went” There is cultural awareness here which helps us the non British folk learn things about well the British folk And while we're at it about the British folk that comprises Britain's police force Which I think differs uite a bit from the image we are fed by the shows like CSI and stuff complete with the gun wielding determined and grim dudes and dudettes wearing cool clothes and flashing their badges in a very professional way Me and Lesley being both English and police managed to avoid any outward sign of the massive sense of relief we felt Leave the police alone in a room for five minutes and we start looking in drawers locked or otherwise It's a terrible habitAnd one of my favorites regarding the difference between the official police speak and the normal way of expressing things and I'm not stranger myself to using big words to convey a simple thing in my profession Thus “We did a joint evaluation of video evidence encompassing all possible access points in conjunction with BTP and CLP and despite widening the parameters of our assessment to include registered and nonregistered cameras in the high probability zones we have as yet to achieve a positive identification of James Gallagher prior to his appearance at Baker Street” becomes “We’ve checked every CCTV camera in the system and it’s as if the fucker beamed down from the Starship Enterprise” Funny aside this book had a few uite touching although thankfully never sappy moments between Peter and Lesley the moments underscoring the old sincere friendship that the two used to share and that they seem to be restoring as they both become used to the damage Lesley sustained over the course of the first book in the series I cherished these moments of banter and bonding and some almost unexpected for not always mature Peter moments of touching adult sadness It wasn’t until I looked away that I realized I’d read her expression off her bare face without reacting to what her face had become All in all this series is very much worth picking up It will not be a life changing experience but it will provide a few hours of happily chuckling at the well written humorous narrative and sometimes that is all you need 4 stars and impatient foot tapping in the wait for the next book in the series “You find out that magic and spirits and ghosts are all real” she said “And you’re just fine with that? You just accept it?” “It helps that I’ve got a scientific brain” I said “How can that possibly help?” “I met a ghost face to face” I said with calmness than I’d felt at the time “It would have been stupid to pretend it didn’t exist” In a bit of shameless self promotion for those of you who for whatever reason care about my ramblings about the first two books in the Peter Grant series my reviews of them are here and hereMy review of the fourth book Broken Homes is here

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    My review of the storyThoughts for the audio version narrated by Kobna Holdbrook SmithBrilliant There's nothing I can say I wanted to sit and binge listen but was afraid my muscles would atrophy during the hours it would take to listen at normal speed In the third book Leslie's voice is intelligible presumably the result of her surgeries Voicing of Zach the half fae had me laughing Thanks to Dr Walid I'm pretty sure I could do a Scottish brogue if I tried The voicing of the American Reynolds seemed a bit off to me not sure if that was a character issue or a voicing issue Peter's internal asides were nicely voiced giving me better appreciation perhaps even than reading There's something about the writing that seems lacking in the punctuation that would help determine the pauses and asides and Holdbrook Smith's reading brings out the inflection the words need Nightingale's voice comes into its own hereI will note one thing about listening to the series as an American There's a fair amount of British slang and coupled with unfamiliar localities and magical terms means I occasionally lose a word or two Reading during the audio helped clear a couple of items up including when Zach called the team the bloody IssacsIt was almost as if Aaronvitch wrote with Holdbrook Smith's reading in mind Such an excellent fusion of talents I had to make myself stop and catch up on some of my other reading because I was ready to continue the series full speed and because I thought my acuired accent was sounding a little strange Also bought to re listen to on a road trip because it's just that good and face it Illinois is just that boringRating all the stars Re listened October 2016Re listened August 2018

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    Well I was going to work on my paper today But then this arrived in the mail hardcover signed direct from London How could I resist? Within pages I was chuckling aloud but also relishing the developing feeling of dangerI can tell you now what will happen Someday I'm going to plan a trip to London and like a complete book nerd I will attempt to trace down the steps Peter Grant takes in solving these cases Yes the books are that good and the only things hindering my complete understanding are a lack of fluency in Englishisms and knowledge of London geography Besides this is the third UF book I've read that has the London sewers as a significant location; I'd rather like to get a sense of what its aboutOnce again Aaronovich blends police procedural magic and humor with delicious results He achieves a clever wry tone that acknowledges foolishness injustice and irony and still manages to laugh Within pages I was chuckling Never fear however that one liners override thoughtful characterization and an interesting mystery There's a little less magical exploration in this one and a little emphasis on the mystery Leslie starts coming out of her self imposed exile to play co detective More review when I get to re reading Meanwhile some nice little linesBut that meant that in the event of a work related call Molly would answer the phone downstairs and then inform me by silently standing in my bedroom doorways until I woke up out of sheer creepinessRising out of the lights was the three metre statue of Sherlock Holmes complete with deerstalker and hash pipe there to oversee our detective work and ensure that it was held to the highest fictional standards'If you have to walk the tracks with the juice on then you stay off the sleepers they're slippery You slip you fall you put your hands out and zap''Zap' I said 'That's the technical term for it is it? What do you call someone who's been zapped?''Mr Crispy' said KumarCross posted at

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    Fun magical those weird books of Ben Aaronovitch about DC Grant young policeman and apprentice magician Loved it Out of this world This series had to get used to it but it's hilariously good and so much underground humor Not my normal cup of tea but thanks to Caro who recommended this series to me And I recommend it

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    35The I read these books the I fall in love with Peter and his banter with other characters old new A string of new characters were introduced here and they blended very well with story and old crew Eager to see what test Aaronovitch put Peter through

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    I do not know how but I always end up giving a Peter Grant novel 4 stars although I am not usually satisfied with the plot construction I guess it is the humour which is right up my alley the characters which are diverse and interesting and last but not least London as a setting This time the setting is the London Underground and the London Sewers It involves some magical pottery an art gallery some strange underground dwellers and a lot of shit literally The first touristic attraction that I visited in London were the underground tunnels as I was detrained It was July 2005 and it was my first day of my first trip to the UK and London Does that date ring any bells? I was travelling by tube from the airport to the hotel when the train stoped After two wonderful hours spend in the tunnels we were told we have to be detrained and reach the following stop by foot While we slowly advanced from the back of the train to the front some of us got phone signal and we found out that a terrorist attack took place while we were there and that was the reason we were stopped Until then we had a great time people started to talk to each other and make jokes especially about the famous underground rats After we found out about the attack people became serious but everybody urged us to continue our holiday and enjoy ourselves As such I particularly enjoyed this volume since I had a first hand experience with the novel's setting

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    The advantage of being a semiretired adult is that there is nobody around who can force one to stop reading and go to sleep The disadvantage of same is the four hours of daylight left that one confronts when crawling out of bed the next afternoonThis series surer now perhaps of its survival to the end of the broadcast season seems to be settling in for a good run More lavish invention with Peter Lesley Thomas the Folly and of course London I am happy with this; not for me the readerly demand so crazy making to series writers of Each one better than all the othersThere is a hm rhythm spotted especially in Japanese animation series where about 5 or 6 episodes along the forward momentum of the plot arcs pause to fill in assorted characters' backstories This works well for character centered tales since such mysteries of persons as contrasted with mysteries of plot are just as interesting if not so when read backwards as forwards Which is to say I would sit still for any amount of backstory about Detective Inspector Nightingale who has after all had time to accumulate a large supply Although the little suibs doled out in this volume were lovelySuch as the throw away remarks about Nightingale's adventures chasing German archeologists in Tibet in 1938 I don't expect that one to go anywhere necessarily although it did give me a flashback on than one level to a line in another book altogether Edward Gorey's little classic The Unstrung Harp Even the voice of the omniscient author can hardly afford to interject a seemingly pointless anecdote concerning Ladderback in Tibet when the other characters are feverishly engaged in wondering whether to have the pond at Disshiver Cottage dragged or notThere is an intrinsic problem with maintaining suspense about the main viewpoint character being say buried alive or undergoing any other peril when the book is written in first person past tense Just sayin' This does not apply of course to any other character in the tale undergoing peril Nevertheless how will he? can be as interesting a uestion as will he? if handled properlyI am pleased with what the author is doing so far with the character of Lesley The back cover blurb was most misleading about the guest star FBI agent; she ended up of a card that is palmed for later than a major actor or obstruction in this present plot This would have worked fine if I'd encountered her just as the author presented her without the unneeded misconceptions But that's not the book's faultI was also pleased to find out that the next one is in the pipeline to June thenTa L

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    35ish starsAnother solid entry in a very enjoyable UF series It's always a pleasure to spend some time with Peter Grant and company Some things I particularly like about this book Leslie is back And I love that her condition really isn't a huge deal It wasn't used to turn her into a tragic victim but it also wasn't glossed over and essentially fixed overnight Cool to see her growing as a practitioner as well There are always several great new characters with each installment this one including Zach Palmer Sergeant Kumar Agent Reynolds and Abigail who it appears we'll see of The magical world is slowly but surely expanding Aaronovitch knows how to tickle my funny bone This is my kind of humor wry ironic clever There are some wonderful one liners Kobna Holdbrook Smith delivers as always as the audiobook performer He is Peter Grant I can't help but feel like Aaronovitch writes specifically for Holdbrook Smith to narrate The only issue I have is with Agent Reynolds's American accent but I can only assume it's as difficult for an Englishman to put on an American accent as it is for me to attempt an English oneI wish there was a little bit magical exploration on Peter's part and I'm still missing Beverley and hope she returns at some point 'Also this was my 50th book this year thus fulfilling my annual goal

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    As I sit here considering this book there's a part of me that wonders why I'm not taken enthusiastic about this series I can recommend it It's a good series filled with good writing I like the understated humor I like the interaction with the world Aaronovitch has created and its denizens Somehow with all that I'm always at best mildly enthusiastic about them I read the first back when it came out in one of those reader copies with NOT TO BE SOLD written all over it I liked it but it still took me years to pick the next 2 up Reading this one I found that when I laid it aside I'd just not get back to it I wasn't dying to finish the bookIn contrast when a new Jim Butcher Dresden book hits the stands I usually finish it in one sitting I've been known to sit up to the wee hours with one of thoseSomehow in spite of all the pluses in these books I never move beyond mildly involvedThat said as I mentioned before these are excellent books and I know that some readers devour them as I do the Dresden books I can only account for it as a matter of tasteHere we slide into the magical world connection with the case in a slightly obliue way when the body of a young man is found The Underground of London is a huge factor here and we're going to get a tour of both the mundane and also the unusual sides of said underground Of course the rest of the police are not thrilled when they discover that the odd suad has to take part of in the investigationcommon reaction Things also get a little complicated when it's discovered that the victim is an American the son of a Senator Because of this an FBI agent arrives to alsohelpAs noted this is a well done book and I can heartily endorse it While I've come to the conclusion that Mr Aaronovitch will never be my favorite writer I do like his work I'll probably regard his work as something I can go to when I'm simply looking for a book to read Others of you will I'm sure find him your all time favorite writer I can tell he's that goodAs noted I guess it's just a matter of tasteRecommended enjoy

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    The train kept a rollin’And by that I mean the binge reading of Ben Aaronovitch’s PETERGRANTAPALOOZAAaronovitch’s 2012 entry into the smoothest UF series since EVER and the third in the series may be the best one yet It’s like if Ben and Neil Gaiman and Tana French sat down over a pint or three and hammered out what is best in life and no Cohen it’s not “to crush enemy see him driven before you and to hear the lamentation of the vemen” – it’s to know that this book is only one in a series of HAVEATYOU and there’s to read AND we get some Pratchett references so there's thatThis episode finds our minimalistic fantasy crew tracking down the killer of a murdered American in the London underground and yes I mean the sewers One of the many cool as a sea cucumber elements of this UF series is the overwhelming and charmingly so evidence of the writer’s love of his city Each book has been something of a romance with his digs and it shows most of all here with Grant and Leslie investigating the underground art world of LondonMaybe best of all the author continues to expand his urban magic world building The reader is introduced to magic and mysterious characters and the “Faceless Man” continues to elude and entice Like Batman Begins is to 1997’s Schumacher glam schlock fest Batman and Robin Aaronovitch’s key to success is that he leans towards the magic realism side of the genre and leaves the rainbow unicorns for DisneyI’m like a fat kid in the fast food drive thru line gimme Super size it

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N Tunnel nahe der Station Baker Street tot aufgefunden erstochen und es deuten unübersehbare Anzeichen auf die Anwesenheit von Magie hin Ein Fall für Peter keine Frage Der unbekannte Tote stellt sich als amerikanischer Kunststudent und Sohn eines US Senators heraus und ehe man noch internationale Verwicklungen sagen kann hat Pe. Fun magical those weird books of Ben Aaronovitch about DC Grant young policeman and apprentice ma

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Es ist ja nicht so dass Peter Grant Zauberer in Ausbildung und Police Constable in London nichts für das Üben von Zaubersprüchen und das Pauken von Lateinvokabeln übrig hätte bestimmt nicht Aber es ist doch immer wieder schön wenn zur Abwechslung auch mal reelle Polizeiarbeit gefragt ist Eine unbekannte Person wird im U Bah. Was it better to die in happy ignorance or terrified knowledge The answer if you’re a Londone

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Ter bereits die FBI Agentin Kimberley Reynolds mitsamt ihren felsenfesten religiösen Überzeugungen am Hals Dabei gestalten sich seine Ermittlungen auch so schon gruselig genug denn tief in Londons Untergrund in vergessenen Flüssen und viktorianischen Abwasserkanälen hört er ein Wispern von alten Künsten und geuälten Geiste. As I sit here considering this book there's a part of me that wonders why I'm not taken enthusi

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Ben Aaronovitch's career started with a bang writing for Doctor Who subsided in the middle and then as is traditional a third act resurgence with the bestselling Rivers of London seriesBorn and raised in London he says that he'll leave his home when they prise his city out of his cold dead fingers