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Nlike Hollywood depicted zombies he can think speak and strategize He's also deranged sexually perverted and takes absolute pleasure in his evil actsAs the zombie cop feasts on his family neighbors and out of town visitors the only one who can stop him is Azriel Creed a 16 year old bullied boy who becomes n.

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The blood was still warm and there was meat and what looked like veins between his teeth hanging out like dental flossNobody knew where the still living decapitated head came fromBut when the head bit Police Chief Rawger he becomes a zombie with an insatiable appetite for human flesh revenge and power But u. House of Illusion insatiable appetite for human flesh revenge and power But u.

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Early paralyzed with pain whenever he gets angry or even thinks of violenceWhile the boy struggles against his debilitating condition to save his family and friends he's forced to confront the growing zombie horde using dark powers locked inside him that are potentially even evil than the zombies he battles. House of Illusion inside him that are potentially even evil than the zombies he battles.

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    Received by author through audiobookreviewercom in exchange for an honest reviewNot one of my favorite zombie reads Full review coming soon This has uite a few ups and downs Sadly most of them were downs for me I do have to say that Ben Settle did have an idea that was unlike any other ideas that I’ve read about in the zombie universe but I do not think they were executed wellFirst thing that threw me was that this sounds like it was written for teens Not because of the grammar but because of the speech for the children Do teens really talk like this? It annoyed me so much that every time the narrator said something in his “teen lingo” I wanted to stop the audio And there is a lot of it in thisThen there is the plot of the story Like I said it is coming from a good idea but the execution of the idea did not uite work There is a zombie cop that feels like he is just going to go eat people and create other zombies I like the idea of the zombie cop but he does things that do not fully make senseThen there is Azrael He is supposed to be special explained later but it’s a spoiler so we’ll skip why and for some reason the zombies KNOW intuitively that Azrael is special They want to kill him just because they have a feeling that he is bad for him The entire town hates Azrael because of how he killed a horde of dogs that were coming after some kids Yes the scene is gruesome but are parents really going to be upset about HOW a kid killed the pack of dogs or that he saved their kids?Azrael cannot get away from the way the town and the way the people in the town including his mother feels about him so she and the church’s priest put him on a blue pill This is also explained later but the idea behind the blue pill doesn’t uite make sense for who Azrael is If there were clues to the pill and clues to what is later discovered about Azrael then the plot may have come together betterThen there is the priest’s brother This guy He has no rhyme or reason for anything he does He doesn’t tell Azrael a pivotal piece of information because Azrael could use it against him later but then he does tell him Again it’s a plot point that is strange and doesn’t bring everything togetherI am all for gore in horror novels The gore the better I was reading Clive Barker’s Books of Blood as a young teen so I’m pretty used to it This violence just seemed silly A zombie rapes a young girl and brags about tearing her and spilling his seed inside her The description of all of these acts of violence were created in a way to make them sound like they were written for a kid All of the violence is written like this The zombies eat people and enjoy listening to their screams and the entire time I was missing the real creep factor that comes with zombiesSadly the narration was not great either It was spoken as if in staccato Every word ended with a period I didn’t love the story but I think that the narration if smoother may have created a story that would help me not only understand the characters and plot but also feel like I’m in that world I listened to this at a speed of 15 so I could get the narrator to sound semi normal

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    Having just finished reading a Christian romance book by Renee Ryan I wanted to read something a little bit stupid that I could laugh at This book was not the stupid piece of trash that its title suggests it is perhaps I should dock a star for that ; It was sick twisted gory and actually had Christianity in it than Journey's End the novel I had just finished I know that what I'm about to say is extremely non kosher by today's PC standards but this is a boy book It's rife with the things that boys traditionally like or are supposed to like but that girls traditionally hate I'm sure you can be a girl and love this book please don't get NOW picketing my house again ; I just want to make it clear that the target audience of this book was most decidely less than fully mature males This book is full of poop killing damsel in distress torture guns violence against and by animals anti gay jokes and rape I thought this book was absolutely fantastic Every page was action packed There was never a dull moment If you've got the stomach for it I whole heartedly recommend itOh and as it turns out the author put the entire book online for free The only catch is that this book is the first book in a series If you enjoy reading the first book for free you'll have to pay for the others I did not opt for the free route for book one Instead I went with the Audible Audiobook it was pretty cheap 199 I think If you're going to listen to the audiobook you need to speed the narrator up to at least 14x As I told someone in one of my status updates while I was reading this book at normal speed he sounds like Ben Stein's country cousin The narrator is a friend and associate of the author's He's actually mentioned in the acknowledgments I found him listenable at 14x but I would have gone insane listening to him at normal speed Ben Settle is a talented author I hope that in the future he'll spring for a professional narrator that will do his works justice But with that said it's nice that he released an audiobook version at all Too many author's don't botherI will read the next book in the series at some point

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    I'm a big fan of Ben Settle's marketing and sales books His advice and tips helped me get lots of exciting ideas to apply to my businessI was looking for a new fiction book to read to de stress and found Zombie Cop While the story is incredibly captivating I had to leave the book half way because it is too crude for my tastesI can handle some moderate violence in movies or books but here it is too much I'm not saying that it is a bad book if you can handle it or enjoy this kind of thing you'll have a great time reading itThe cool thing about the book It feels like watching a cool movie There's Hollywood material here great characterization of the characters the story flows like crazy so much that you feel like wanting to turn page after pageAn additional downside of the book I didn't mention before It doesn't teach you much while the whole setting feels a bit like Dylan Dog's comics with monsters etc there is no space for philosophy or higher thoughts it's just purely a good story

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