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uilly Hall An Ode to the Holston Hills

Benjamin Wirt Farley á 8 Summary

Ves for Vietnam Farley's style and his story are gripping compelling and melodic You will fall in love with each character and grieve as one by one they pass on Author Biography Benjamin W Farley is Younts Professor of Philosophy and Religion Emeritus at Erskine College Due West South Carolina In addition to his scholarly works Farley has published four books of fiction Corbin's Rubi Yacht Of Time and Eternity Mercy Road and The Hero of St

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Synopsis uilly Hall weds fiction and history in this powerful story set in the 1940s in the Holston Valley near the town of Abingdon Virginia Daniel Boone twice camped here The town itself served as a rail hub during the Civil War and cared for the wounded in its hospitals The novel's title refers to a statuette whose presence in the old home's hallway haunts the story Farley's novel traces the life of Thomas Edmonds an only son whose fathe

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R was killed in the battle for Guadalcanal and who is raised by a bevy of family who regale him with their proud past One of his ancestors a veteran of the Battle of Chickamauga is alleged to have buried a treasure under a rock in the fabled Knobs above the home place Foray after foray is mounted in search of this rock and its secret A favorite uncle and scruffy farmhands become Tom's mentors until he matures attends Harvard marries and lea

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    Dr Farely did not disappoint I'm glad because he was one of my favorite professors The book reminded me of My Antonia the young male narrator and all of those bucolic scenes A good read

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