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Ge unsolved murder of a teenage girl As she delves deeper into the village’s past she’ll discover dark family secrets unexplained crimes and an undeniable attraction to Noah a taciturn local fisherman who just might hold all the answer Translated well and very suspensefulVery suspenseful and exciting Was translated very well

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As a globe trotting freelance photographer based in Vancouver British Columbia Lori Finning has seen just about everything But when she lands an assignment on the barren snow swept island of Newfoundland she finds herself in harsh and unfa The setting of this novel is spellbinding It takes places in a small fishing village in New

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Miliar territoryDuring the long dreary winters in the isolated fishing community of Stormy Cove gossiping is the primary pastime So Lori is surprised when she learns of a crime the locals have spent twenty years not talking about the stran My first thought when I started this book and saw the long list of characters was a pleasan

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    Lori is a photographer who is on assignment in a tiny fishing community Stormy Cove is a somewhat isolated village in Newfoundland where life is different from what Lori is used to As she begins to meet and work with the locals she learns about an unsolved crime from many years ago After this as well as some other discoveries she begins to view some of the locals in a different light Lori is not sure who she can and can’t trustWhen I read a book like this I often wonder how much is lost in translation Some parts of the book seemed a little disjointed making those sections a little hard to follow but I wouldn’t say it was too hard to get back into the storyline Most of it is told from Lori’s perspective with a few “interviews” thrown in here and there from different characters There were a few surprises in this somewhat suspenseful book

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    Excellent book but my computer was hacked so I can't do a decent review as I am too stressed outRecommended for everyone

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    The setting of this novel is spellbinding It takes places in a small fishing village in Newfoundland I felt like I was actually there based on the author's description The story is essentially a mystery but there are actually several mysteries going on Lori is the main character She is from Vancouver and has been placed on assignment to take photographs for a coffee table book of this small town Stormy Cove However it turns out that this is not the real reason for her being there What I did not like about this book is there were too many characters The author provided a guide to help but I was reading this as an ebook so it is hard to go back and forth I really liked Lori's back story and there was a budding romance for her which I enjoyed I just felt like there were too many mysteries going on and it got a little confusing Not a bad read though overall This was a goodreads giveaway and I am thankful for the opportunity to try a new novel and author

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    I LOVED this book The writing style the characters the unsolved mysteries the budding romance there was just something about this book I felt like I was right beside Lori as she photographed Newfoundland minus the very cold weather Lori a photographer fond of berets is spending a year in a remote fishing village in Newfoundland She's being commissioned to take photos for a coffee table book Stormy Cove is completely different than her life in Vancouver The general store doesn't even sell butter only margarine I cannot wait to read books by Bernadette Calonego

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    My first thought when I started this book and saw the long list of characters was a pleasant one it reminded me of the novels by Agatha ChristieThe authors likes reading mystery novels and sees her books as tales of adventure in which the characters while perhaps searching for a murderer or love become involved in the kinds of action that she would like to experience herself Indeedwhen I was reading this appealing story I felt like going to Newfoundland find a little village full of secrets and discover them myselfBernardette Calonego has written a page turner that won't disappoint readers The characters are well developed and some of them may make you think of the people you know and what they may be hiding So pack up your winter clothes and your fishing gear and head for an exciting readThanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest reviewwwwtheleisurediariesblogspotcom

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    Thank you NetGalley and Crossing for providing me with an ARC of Stormy Cove in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my ownThe GistI’m slowly but surely making my way through all the approved ARCs that have been sitting in my to read shelf on NetGalley for longer than I’m willing to admitUp next on my list was Stormy Cove a mysteryI mean what’s not to like for someone like me? We’ve got a fishing town near the Atlantic cost serving as the background We’ve got moody weather We’ve got an atmosphere that goes against the perpetual cheerfulness of blue skies as observed from my window in the middle of summerAnd most importantly we’ve got a mystery Did I say that already? Sorry I like atmospheric mystery novels set near water preferably an oceanI got all cozy on the couch with a cup of tea within arm’s reach ready to readThe DetailsWell what can I say? Before the first chapter opened before even the prologue opened the book provides us with a list of characters that are going to show up in this storyI thought that was kind of a cute touch It felt very Shakesperean A sort of dramatis personae That was very considerate or so I thought until I flipped through four pages of this listIt wasn’t considerate but completely necessary especially because once the story began the narrator didn’t waste much time explaining which character was whom and how they were all relatedI have to admit I already felt overwhelmed and slightly confused by page three of the character listNo chance I would ever be able to remember all these names once they pop up in the storyIt was a recipe for confusion and frustrationThe narration also jumps abruptly between scenes time frames and even characters A few times I caught myself paused mid sentence asking myself how the story got to the point it was at It felt like following the breadcrumbs backwards to remind myself the fifty other details that led to this particular pointIt was exhaustingThe protagonist never truly got established as such because of all the other characters that crowded the storyThe story itself took a very long time to get started By that time I lost all interest in itI thought maybe if I stop trying to follow every little detail and character I could sort of follow the majority of the story Sadly this made things even worseThe VerdictOverall I hate to say this but this story was a bit of a mess It felt like the author had a really good idea pumped it full of caffeine and let it run wild taking note of what stuck With some editing better direction and nixing a handful of the characters this could have been a decent mystery novelSadly I couldn’t get into this oneElliotScribbles

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    Translated well and very suspensefulVery suspenseful and exciting Was translated very well better than most I really enjoyed Stormy Cove and recommend it to everyone

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    An intriguing and rather complicated plot with lots of plot lines Lori Finning's assignment to create a coffee table record of life in a remote Canadian fishing village turns into a murder mystery and an investigation of missing women Rather inevitably it also has a romance strand and also some danger to Lori herselfNicole Zanzarella does a good job with the narration producing a number of voices to differentiate different charactersThe author also uses not only first voice narration but also some segments when a person is being interviewed about hisher impressions of the main characters in the story This made for challenging listening

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    Bernadette Calonego has written the perfect combination of a mystery and romance in Stormy Cove The main character is Lori Fenning a free lance photographer from Vancouver who is hired by a mysterious publisher to take photos for what will become a coffee table book about Newfoundland’s fishermen She is to document their harsh and dangerous daily lives and the stark beauty of the surrounding area Lori is sent to the tiny fishing of Stormy Cove She uickly becomes part of this close knit community and is befriended by Noah one of the local fishermen It’s not long before Lori discovers that this community has a dark past and many secrets that they are unwilling to share Everyone knows everyone and knows his or her secrets An unsolved murder and a disappearance twenty years before haunt the community and Lori sets out to find the answers It’s not long before another murder happens just like before With the help of Noah can she untangle the clue? Can Lori find the killer before she becomes the next victim? Can she find safety with Noah or are his secrets part of this mystery? The characters are strong and well written The story grabs you from the beginning and won’t let you go until all is unraveled The growing relationship between Lori and Noah is well done and believable and adds just the right amount of warmth to the story There are uite a few characters in the book that all seem to be related somehow but a list of characters is provided at the beginning to help you not be confused This book was originally written in another language and has been translated without losing any of its appealThis made a wonderful vacation bookI received this book from Netgalley and Crossing in return for a fair and honest review

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    Lori a photographer goes to stay in a remote Newfoundland fishing village in order to produce material for a coffee table book about vanishing communitiesShe finds a close community hiding secrets What happened to the woman who used to live in the house she is renting? What happened to another missing person?I loved the way the author captures the beauty of the landscape and the atmosphere of the community All in all a satisfying readThanks to Netgalley for giving me the chance to read and review this book

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