Jean Renoir Interviews Conversations With Filmmakers Series review ½ 3

Jean Renoir Interviews Conversations With Filmmakers Series

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Onversationalist In a movie career that lasted forty six years he never ceased to experiment and explore These conversations show his ideas evolving and ripening along with the movies he was making Throughout Renoir is revealed to be subtle graceful prophetic witty complex stylish lucid and passionateBert Cardullo Milford Connecticut is NEH Distinguished Chair in the Humanities at Colgate University and visiting professor of drama at New York University He is the author of In Search of Cinema Selected Writings on International Film Art Vittorio De Sica Director Actor Screenwriter and other book.

review Jean Renoir Interviews Conversations With Filmmakers Series

S Renoir represents the flowering of the period of poetic realism in film roughly 1934 1940 when French films were generally regarded as the most important and sophisticated in the world Renoir as a pioneer of uncut compositions and long takes had enormous influence on directors all over the world including Orson Welles Francois Truffaut Satyajit Ray and Roberto RosselliniLike his cinematic oeuvre Jean Renoir Interviews spans several decades The interviews some in English for the first time disclose a candid cultivated and unselfish man genuinely but also slyly self critical and always a warm c.

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The son of Impressionist painter Pierre Auguste Renoir Jean Renoir 1894 1979 became one of France's most loved and respected filmmakers during the middle of the twentieth century Throughout his career which began during the silent era and continued until 1970 Renoir's style embraced a multitude of genres; indeed its permutations make it almost impossible to characterize One thing is certain at his best in Grand Illusion 1937 and The Rules of the Game 1939 he gave us cinematic masterpieces of the highest order that explored class war nationality friendship and social structureWith these two work.

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Bert Cardullo is Professor of Media and Communication at the Izmir University of Economics in Turkey His books include Playing to the Camera An Idea of the Drama and Screen Writings

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