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Treasure Island

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Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of buried treasure re told by Beryl JohnsonNB The uoted ISBN on this book is 1858300169 but this is also


Ooks in the same series' Kidnapped' and 'Black Beauty' also carry the same ISBN As a conseuence the ISBN field on this volume has been left bla Refined Tastes has been left bla

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Used by other books in the same 'Classic Tale Storybook' series ie 'Heidi' also has this ISBN and a check on ABE Books reveals that two other b

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    Beryl Johnston retells the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale in a way that captures the characters good and bad well and retains the storyline very wellJim Hawkins the story teller is at his widowed mother's hostelry the Admiral Benbow when he is confronted by a stranger asking for the Captain It turns out that Jim's lodger Bill Bones was known as this so Jim re introduces the two men The stranger is Black Dog and Bones is frightened by his visit which leads to him collapsing and being taken to his bedSome days later another visitor arrives a seaman dressed in a black cloak with a shade over his eyes This is Blind Pew and he delivers the black spot to Bones who keels over and dies having previously warned Jim about a seafaring man with one leg and a parrot on his shoulder Jim realises something is wrong and looking in Bones' sea chest he finds an old treasure map and some gold coins But as he does so he realises that others are coming and he and his mother hide awayEventually Jim takes the map to Dr Livesey and Suire Trelawney and from there they decide to sail in the Hispaniola to find the buried treasure They recruit a crew under Captain Smollett but that crew unfortunately includes Long John Silver a one legged seaman with a parrot on his shoulderThey sail away reach the island and then all the trouble begins with some of the crew pirates as they are mutinying Thus follows the fight for the treasure but when the spot on the map is reached the treasure is already gone; and Jim knows where it is for he had already met Ben Gunn who has been marooned on the island for some timeThe fighting continues Jim turns out to be a saviour and in the end the Hispaniola sails away with most of the treasure and leaving behind those of the pirates who remain The only legacy Jim has left is Long John's parrot declaring 'Pieces of eight Pieces of eight'This re telling of the story is certainly a good introduction for youngsters who may then like to read the whole thrilling story

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