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The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind Access to a Life of Miracles

CHARACTERS The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind Access to a Life of Miracles

Emove the blinders of religious limitation to redeem the lost and transform communities You too can tap into an abundance of miracle working authority and unleash the power of God's glory Very powerful book As a Christian who does believe in miracles and the supernatural I realized I

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Moving in the spiritual realm should be as much a part of a believer's routine as prayer worship and reading Scripture Yet all too often Christians practice an intellectual faith which la This book is a hard one for me to review Not because I don't have anything to say I actually wrot

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Cks any supernatural punch Healing deliverance and signs and wonders are an inheritance for all followers of Jesus Christ The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind teaches you how to r This is a fantastic concise training manual for prayer Generations of complacency have given grou

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About the Author: Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson and his wife Brenda Beni Johnson are the Senior Pastors of Bethel Church in Redding California Johnson is a fifth generation pastorJohnson was born in Minnesota in 1951 and became a Christian as a young child Soon after Johnson read seven books on prayer which significantly affected his perspective and subseuent ministryBill Johnson and his wife have three children Eric Br

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    This book is a hard one for me to review Not because I don't have anything to say I actually wrote a thirty page critiue what? I'm verbose of TSPoaTM when I first read it because my church had begun glomming on to Bill Johnson's teachings in a big way and I thought these new fangled ideas deserved some scrutiny I didn't give this book one star because it is poorly written and uninteresting To the contrary it's an easy read and anything but same old same old However in my opinion the thing TSPoaTM is supposed to do interpret the Bible responsibly and accurately it does very very badly I cannot emphasize that enough Johnson's hermeneutic is creative yes but ultimately ridiculous as a little bit of critical thinking will bear outThe first of the book's issues is the misinterpretation of words in the Bible One of the foundational verses for TSPoaTM which is referred to again and again is Romans 122 Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God” From this Johnson develops his theology of proving the will of God through signs and wonders Now this would make sense except that in the context of this verse prove does not mean what the book thinks it means Prove in this verse does not mean to demonstrate but to verify The NIV translates the word as to test and the ESV concurs that by testing you may discern what is the will of God So the point of Romans 122 is not that we should demonstrate God's will as though we already know it through miracle and spectacle but that we should discern and discover what God's will is in the first place We have to remember the Bible wasn't written in English so the ambiguities we may find in the NKJV for instance eg prove having multiple meanings are probably not present in the GreekThis is a critical reading error for one of Johnson's main proof texts that could have been easily avoided by checking out other translations And it isn't the only like mistake in the book On page 134 Johnson cites Hebrews 514 to show that Christians need to have their senses trained to discern evil their physical senses Johnson expounds on how sight touch hearing etc can help Christians sense spiritual warfare and demonic attack For instance one time Johnson noticed that part of the room felt cold and he was able to grasp through his apprehension of coldness that demonic activity was afoot I hear the Ghostbusters use similar techniues Okay that was snarky I apologize The problem with this reasoning is that Hebrews514 isn't talking about physical senses at all; it's talking about spiritual senses The ESV puts it this way “But solid food is for the mature for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil” The senses Bill Johnson mistakes for being touch sight hearing etc are our senses of discernment The Bible is not telling us that a sign of maturity is looking to our bodies to distinguish good from evil but to practice spiritual discernment This is another rookie reading mistake I can't help but think TSPoaTM would have benefited greatly from some peer review Another major issue in TSPoaTM is the distortion of biblical stories One of the ideas Johnson espouses is that the gates of heaven and hell are in people's minds he gets here by very circular reasoning btw and that Christians are to function under an open heaven as the house of God If you don't get what that means you're not alone The illustration the book provides is that of Jacob dreaming of a ladder stretching from earth to heaven with angels ascending and descending on it You might know that story the one where God agrees to be Jacob's God in a dream Johnson extrapolates way beyond the biblical record when he teaches that all Christians have personal ladders to heaven and that angels descend to help us with supernatural tasks and ascend once those tasks have been completed Unfortunately many Christians have empty ladders because they are not stepping out in faith to perform signs and wonders This iswow Where does he get this stuff? In John 151 Jesus explains that He is Jacob's ladder and the connecting point between earth and heaven That's it Nothing about angels being needed to do miracles or personal ladders that grow abandoned and empty from lack of use All that detail is the product of an extremely fertile imagination Johnson works similar magic on Jesus' teachings about the leaven of Herod and the Pharisees and Jesus calming the storm TSPoaTM has no compunction about going beyond the text and there is no biblical basis given for why Johnson's fantastical ideas are trueI could go on and on and I have but I think I'll stop there TSPoaTM is a good exercise in recognizing bad hermeneutics I would actually recommend that anyone interested in hermeneutics read it through with some mature and faithful Christians to practice discernment Not all theology is created eual and I think if Christians were taught how to weigh a pastor's ideas against the Word of God there'd be a lot truth being preached and a lot less crazy being practiced I was told after voicing my opinion about TSPoaTM that I shouldn't think so hard about it and instead just soak in the goodness Please don't do that Shutting off your brain will get you in a world of trouble We have to love God with our minds as well as everything else and a wasted and atrophied mind does not and cannot glorify God Test everything Hold fast to what is good

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    The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind has ushered in a season of God challenging and leading me into greater obedience to His command to bring the kingdom here on earth and into greater levels of servanthood of Jesus The gospel entails both truth and power and living without the power that we're given is akin to living in poverty when we have access to infinite riches I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to grow in their obedience to God and anyone looking to learn about the real Christian life

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    Almost done with this one The wealth of information found in this book is INSANE Here you will discover the life the Lord intended for His children to live I'm savoring this book Reading it nice and slow

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    This is from “The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind” By Bill Johnson of Bethel Church Bill argues in this chapter “revelation and understanding” that we need “new revelation to renew our minds” First you may be thinking “this sounds familiar” It is Romans 122 teaches that we are to renew our minds The uestion becomes how do we do this? Well Jesus said in John 1717 “sanctify them by your word; your word is truth” We need to ask the uestion “what is the source of renewal and truth?” Scripture answers this and tells us it is the word of God the Bible All Christians both young and old have access to the same scripture There are no secret mysteries that some Christians know and others are left in the dark about We have the Bible as our guide and authority on all matters that the Lord desires for us to know The scriptures are truth and a primary means in which God uses to sanctify us However Bill expresses that there are realms of mystery that we must discover Secret knowledge that we must pursue “recklessly” page 73 he tells us that there is revelation that only some Christians have access to if they pursue it by faith So according to Bill how does a Christian grow? How is a Christian sanctified According to Bill we “chase after revelation” Page 72 He expresses the reason some Christians are not getting personal revelation is because “we don’t work for it or hunger after it” “faith moves the economy of heaven It is the currency of heaven” Page 72 He tell us on Page 69 the way to attract revelation is to obey what we already know to be true He argues if we don’t obey the revelation we already have then God will not continue to give revelation Bill said “until he walked in obedience he wasn’t going to get revelation” Page 70Bill also argues that revelation sets boundaries and if you lack faith your revelation won’t operate how it’s supposed to This reminds me of Moroni 104 in the Book of Mormon which says “ if ye ask with a sincere heart with real intent having faith in Christ he will manifest the truth unto you” The BoM uses this verse to encourage potential converts to “pray if the BoM is true and when you have enough faith and obey this text you will receive revelation that this is true” Also known as the burning in the bosom Bill does the same thing as the Mormons He can now blame your lack of faith and obedience as the reason why you don’t get new revelation On Page 73 Bill says “That opening of the heart determines the level of revelation we receive” Essentially if you lack “hunger” “faith” “obedience” “desire” or you do not “pursue” you will not get revelation You will not have access to the mysteries of God Bill can then use this argument to discredit someone who denies new special revelation by saying “they lack obedience and faith” edit for clarification Bill does not uote the BoM I’m using it to show how the language is similar and how it’s a similar framework—————“The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind” by Bill Johnson of Bethel Church I am reading through Bills book and every page is shocking However I want to point something out The context of this passage is “Recognizing Revelation” it can be found on page 69 Essentially Bill is arguing that “knowledge” is really new extra biblical revelation Meaning a revelation not in scripture given apart from Gods word to our minds And that if you have “understanding” you will acuire revelation He expresses that those who do not have a strong support structure “pillar truths in the gospel” will not be able to recognize revelation as easily It’s also important to note earlier in the book he argues the gospel is signs and wonders a gospel of power He continues by expressing “a man of understanding” someone who believes God gives personal new special revelation “accepts Gods additions and DOESN’T UESTION THEM” Emphasis mine This is vital to understand Bill has essentially argued that if you are a person who believes in new special revelation and you have “understanding that God gives revelation” then you will not uestion whatever revelation is brought to your mind Bill basically tells people to trust their minds He does not tell you that “knowledge” comes from the fear of the Lord and that scripture contains the only revelation of who God is Instead Bill tells us there is revelation outside of Gods Word and that we are to believe it without uestioning it He’s also saying to gain understanding is to have revelation He does not tell you to read scripture but seek out revelation apart from the bible Bill tells us to treasure that revelation and if you do “that builds a foundation for greater revelation” Friends this is not Christianity Your heart is deceptively wicked Jeremiah 179 Do not trust it look to the Holy scriptures

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    This is a fantastic concise training manual for prayer Generations of complacency have given ground to the Devil ground he knows he's powerless to retain if only God's people will believe in and exercise their authority in Christ This book will give you practical methods for taking the fight to the enemy's doorstep as God calls us to Johnson's detractors those who expect little in the realm of supernatural breakthrough get just that Those who step out and believe God for big audacious wins are enjoying being a part of His victories I for one am in If you'd like to be as well pick up this book

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    I loved this book But why must ueer people and relationships come up negatively in almost every book I've read about healing ministry? God includes us too and we are not being disobedient to Scripture That is I realize going to be a long discussion for most pentecostal folkI am learning what it means to be a son of God because I belong to Jesus I just wish my testimony wasn't dismissed completely by two sentences buried near the back of the book

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    Bill Johnson is the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding CA To understand the church and it’s practices you need to read and understand Bill Johnson This book is the seuel to When Heaven Invades Earth and is amazing in its scope His understanding of Scripture is broad and challenging but that doesn’t mean it is incorrect or in error It is a reclaiming of lost territoryThis book is a step by step explanation of Johnson’s core beliefs each chapter building on the previous one If you want to understand the focus of Bethel and grow your faith then this book is for you

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    Very powerful book As a Christian who does believe in miracles and the supernatural I realized I have been lacking in my belief and my purpose in that realmI am inspired and challenged to live the life we have been called to live and not be afraid to walk as Jesus walked We are co labors with ChristThe dreaming chapter really spoke to methat God really does want us to dream and reach for our desires

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    Johnson comes out of the closet and presents his libertarian free will cards which he didn’t want to show in his first book The notion of co laboring and his section on desires are both deeply troubling to me—I don’t believe they fit with the biblical account

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    One of the best books I've ever read

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