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    Totally HookedI'll start by saying I love this series I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a cozy mystery and to all who just love that home town feel some fiction just brings with it Missing is the seventh book in the Folly Beach series and I have to say the small town on the island of Folly is just as comfy and uirky as it can get As always the author has created a host of strong characters and even brought in some new ones I love Aunt M Which by the way gives her nephew Charles a bit to add to his already colorful character There were a few good twists and turns in the plot and as always I hated to get to the end Thank goodness there's

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    Great mysteryNoel draws you in with new characters to keep you guessing until the end Love the connections with Folly Beach

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    liked the twists this mystery took really enjoying the series looking forward to reading the next

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    Another great read from Bill Noel I love the characters Chis and Charles They solve another murder in Folly Beach SC

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    Another great Folly Beach Mystery

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    Bill Noel has a talent for making his characters real Read his books as soon as they come available

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    Chris Landrum is soaking up his semi retired life in Folly Beach South Carolina Surrounded by his uniue neighbors Chris and his best friend Charles find themselves in the middle of another police investigation This time young Samuel has possibly seen a woman being abducted and women are turning up dead It is up to Chris and Charles to solve this mystery and this time they have help from Charles’s Aunt MBill Noel has done it again with this latest novel in the Folly Beach Mystery Series Between the odd cast of characters and the small town setting readers will be laughing out loud while trying to solve this latest mystery This is an easy read and a light hearted mystery book Recommend this book for fans of cozy mysteriesFran and Bess enjoy reading this series too As Bess says “Reading each new book is like visiting old friends”Notes This review was written for My Sister's BooksThis review was originally posted on my website Ariesgrl Book Reviews

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    Bill Noel's Missing is a gripping whodunit that keeps you turning the pages And when you discover who does the dirty deeds there's still to keep your attention Noel brings back his usual cast of characters and added some new faces and a few unlikable ones I've enjoyed his previous books in the Folly Beach Mystery series but believe this is his best offering because of the variety of distinctive characters I look forward to the next installment

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    This is the first of the Folly Beach series by Bill Noel that I have read and it was a pleasure Characterizations were wonderful I think I know some of these people and the story was intriguing I will definitely read in this series and was pleasantly surprised to learn that there really is a Folly Beach South Carolina I am giving serious thought to adding it to my list of places to visit

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    Every year the newest Folly Beach mystery is my first summer read

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T have just disappeared with the sunsetWhile Chris and his close friend Charles a faux detective contemplate whether Samuel actually witnessed a horrific crime dead bodies begin appearing on Folly Beach But with trouble brewing within the ranks of the police department and a newly elected mayor nurturing a vendetta against Chris the two men have their work cut out for them as they launc. Bill Noel has a tal Vania elected mayor nurturing a vendetta against Chris the two men have their work cut out for them as they launc. Bill Noel has a tal

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Sixty year old retiree Chris Landrum has simple needs stay healthy avoid sunburns and steer clear of vacationers on the small South Carolina island where he hopes to live out his remaining years But when local teenager Samuel Perkins pulls Chris aside and tells him he just witnessed the kidnapping of a beauty ueen right off Folly Beach Chris wonders if his hopes for a peaceful retiremen. Great mysteryNoel d

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H their own investigation As the body count rises and the list of suspects increases Charles suddenly becomes the target for a serial killer intent on eliminating anyone who gets in his wayIn this new installment in the Folly Beach mystery series Chris and Charles must rely on help from a few eclectic acuaintances in order to solve the murders before a coldblooded murderer strikes again. Bill Noel's Missing