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    Ingredients love friendship and betrayal A lot of drama and entertainment it throws at you Bhavin's life was as ordinary as anyone until kismet decided to intervene his plans and rules He fights with his friend over a girl He has various exams to take He has to stand on the expectations of his family and to that he has to take care of his broken heart And believe it or not that is a big dealSo much on the shoulder's of a young man isn't it? Adventurous and Entertaining this is how one can define Bhavin's life The catchy title and attractive cover pays it all off Anyone would be turning hisher head to read and contemplate over this The author's way of describing a situation is commendable He has pin pointedly presented all the funny things he came acrossI would suggest that a proper editing should be done so that it unravels potentials for the next editionsAs a debut author Bimlesh Yadav has certainly shown his talent as a story teller However I urge him to edit the book once I wish the author luck for his future works

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    An enjoyable read marred by grammatical fallaciesBhavin's life is taking twists and turns A lot of dramatic events take place and he can't do anything about themIt was an entertaining and light read about friendship and love

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    “Shit happens so does love” by Bimlesh Yadav is atouching love story of Bhavin and Anshika“Shit happens so does love” can be divided into two partsthe year of 12th standard and 4 years engineeringThe language is simple and engagingThe story becomes interesting and appealing as thecollege life startsOne can find instances of assignment load bunkinglectures watching porn making sex in the train visitingbrothel and little and lovely fights between room matesIn a nutshell “Shit happens so does love” is a completepackage for reminiscing one’s college lifeThe protagonist Bhavin called fondly by friends as Bee isa shy guy who finds it difficult to talk with girlsHis friends at school are Mahrus Ishaan and NirmayBhavin falls in love with Richa until later he discovers thatit was a ploy by Richa to take revenge from Bhavin andhis friendsBhavin feels cheated and his world falls apartHe finds it difficult to live and imagine his life withoutRichaBhavin secures good rank in AIEEE and gets MNNITAllahabadHe starts a new journey college with Nirvana and Arpitas room mates You will surely love the character ofArpitBhavin meets a beautiful girl at Ranchi during hisinternshipsHe again meets her Anshika at Bhopal where he hadgone to meet Nirmay during vacationsAnd later to his amazement he discovers Anshika amongthe newly admitted juniors at MNNITSoon they profess their love to each other They becomethe most talked about couples at the collegeIn 4th year Bhavin gets busy in coordinating for Avishkar2k13 which was his dreamAnd due to hectic schedules and tasks as a generalsecretary of Avishar 2k13 he is left with no time tointeract with AnshikaTo his amazement he finds Anshika kissing a guyHis world shatters againHe feels cheated by AnshikaWhy Aanshika kissed that guy?Will Anshika and Bhavin ever talk again?Will they re unite ever as lovers?Or shall the story end with Bhavin left alone to remorse athis fate?Best moments Shit happens so does love “I was drunk for the first time but I never considereddrinking beer as getting drunk after that I took beer asenergy drink” “He was always the last one to show up may be it wasbecause he was born an hour late” “Unexpected braking brought bus to rest and fromnowhere a girl fell into my lap like apple fell into Newton’slap” “Don’t stare that hard” she said adjusting her gaze atme “He dated many girls and it was problematic for me tokeep every girls name in my head so I numbered themand she was 18 by number”

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    Let's start what is good in this bookCharacters are livelyIncidents are strongReminds of college life and its fun Full of humour and shit of boys' lifeBeautifully penned downcatchy titleendingNow lets talk what are the cons of this book Grammatical errors Bold letters are used uality is not up to the mark loosely writtenOverall It is a light read

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    A beautiful story of love and friendship I loved the style of narration Author has tried hard to make the readers feel each incident A good read

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    I loved the title of the book and when i read the book i loved the plot too Though story is same what you can find in other books but the presentation is totally different The characters and their fun loving attitude made this book so enjoyable I loved it

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    A beautiful book that make us remember of all the shit we did in our college days and every stupidity we have listen about boys It was a different experience in reading this book uite entertaining and beautifully written

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    Reminds me of my college days' fun and love Incidents are so lively like happening just in front of my eyes picked this book and couldn't put it down until i finished reading it Kudos to author

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    Beautifully crafted tale of college romance Loved it

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    A cute story about friends love and college life 35Full review

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shit happens so does love

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