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A View from the Eagle’s Nest

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Nda of change unabashed insensitivity and glowing errors in judgment than this liberal progressive leftist ideological express called the Obama administrationWith Iran’s global influence spreading Russia bullying its neighbors and radical terrorists threatening to enslave freedom loving Americans it’s time we make things right by taking A View from the Eagle’s Nes.

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Politicians routinely wield raw political power to push through troubling legislation like the Affordable Care Act in which the will of the people was ignored to satisfy an extreme minority National debt is skyrocketing the Islamic State has exploded and in Benghazi we saw the senseless murders of the US ambassador in Libya and three other Americans all as a result of p.

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Olitics incompetence and liesThis is what life looks like under the presidency of Barack ObamaBob Jack however isn’t letting him get away with it He tracks Obama’s actions policies and the results of his ill fated leadership in this detailed assessment of his tenure as the commander in chiefHe contends that no political team has ever brought to America a radical age. Men on the Edge ever brought to America a radical age.

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