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    Interesting theory on interface being less of a technological term and of a concept that represents relationships between two territories James Thompson initially coined the term in the 19th century while discussing fluid dynamics According to Thompson when two ever expanding territories come into contact it results in the formation of an interface or dividing surface and here interface and fluid meet in mutual self definition Hookway takes this initial usage and theorizes the hell out of it to demonstrate the actual function of the term as the place where two expanding territories human and technology are able to unite Using his multi disciplinary knowledge in subjects including thermodynamics augmentation and information theory added strength and intrigue to his argument He expounded upon something primarily seen as mere surface and endowed it with depth

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    Interesting exploration of how HCI interfaces developed and their relation to the dynamics of liuid Unfortunately the ideas are buried in convoluted writing There are some interesting connection throughout The three parts seem disjointed with the first chapter filled with explanation that were drawn out longer than needed

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    The author unfortunately uses convoluted language for what could be a very simple and elegant argument Would have been powerful if it wasn't such a slog to go through

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A cultural theory of the interface as a relation that is both ubiuitous and elusive drawing on disciplines from cultural theory to architectureIn this book Branden Hookway considers the interface not as technology but as a form of relationship with technology The interface Hookway proposes is at once ubiuitous and hidden from view It is both the bottleneck through which our relationship to technology must pass and a productive encounter embedded within the use of technology It is a site of contestation between human and machine between the material.


Ermodynamics information theory and cybernetics He discusses issues of subject formation agency power and control within contexts that include technology politics and the social role of games He considers the technological augmentation of humans and the human machine system discussing notions of embodied intelligenceHookway views the figure of the subject as both receiver and active producer in processes of subjectification The interface he argues stands in a relation both alien and intimate vertiginous and orienting to those who cross its threshol.

FREE DOWNLOAD è E-book, or Kindle E-pub ã Branden Hookway

And the social between the political and the technological that both defines and elides differencesA virtuoso in multiple disciplines Hookway offers a theory of the interface that draws on cultural theory political theory philosophy art architecture new media and the history of science and technology He argues that the theoretical mechanism of the interface offers a powerful approach to uestions of the human relationship to technology Hookway finds the origin of the term interface in nineteenth century fluid dynamics and traces its migration to th.

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