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E poems in Portuguese are a response to the words of visual artists whom Shimoda was reading while riding the bus Etel Adnan Eugène Delacroix Alberto Giacometti Paul Klee and Joan Mitchell all of whom appear in the book It was within these people too that poetry seemed most aliveThe presiding struggle in this collection is with poetry itself the form and its impulses and the act of writing But Portuguese is than all these things It was and is an act of preservation giving form to the energy that makes up some part of our memoryPortuguese is an enthralling testament to a creative mind beset upon on all sides by attempts at calcification and deleterious circum I confessI am unable to interest myself in the beautyOf a place if there are no people in it

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While on the bus to elementary school in a small New England town Brandon Shimoda the offspring of a Japanese American father and white mother was taunted for being Portuguese” Shimoda’s latest collection returns the author to a moment he felt challenged to become what he was being called however falsely and despite feeling confused flushed and afraidThe poems themselves began to form in adulthood while Shimoda again riding the bus took in his fellow passengers their voices minds faces and bodies; their exuberances and infirmities the ways they both enlivened and darkened the days It was within these people that poetry seemed most aliveAt the same time th to be honest i didn't understand a lot of this which is not necessarily a bad thing – poetry isn't really my thing – but there are some wonderful moments of clarity like this Returning the male riding the cedar to the nippleAngel You willRelapse and go forward Until finally shockedShocked until shaking and finally asleepA uieting tremor intestinesWhorled around your neck down the rootsOf the mountains gazing into the blue Head of the MediterraneanAs stable and unfeeling As the sea is feeling and unstable Portuguese deals in fragments dashes apparitions – the body becomes a grotesue thing becomes animal and vegetable and mineral there's a strong sense of the bio and ecological throughout the collection – objects surface and dissipate like specters

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Scription Portuguese earns its grandeur with a grandeur of spirit that is nearly unparalleled in contemporary verse Shimoda's lines are by turns gracefully aphoristic and effortlessly metonymic; they transcend their subject the author himself by dint of their intelligence sensitivity and spiritual awareness It is not too much to say that Shimoda is writing somehow impossibly the universal autobiography of a nation Very highly recommended HUFFINGTON POST Portuguese is indeed both strange and marvelous FranzineThat day as the sun was hallucinating a non Portuguese boy was being born and all we know is that he's a poet who brings that sun back to us ETEL ADNAN I'm honestly not sure what just happened The text is obscured for me to the point that it was beyond understanding

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