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Bred By The Satyrs

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That had gathered She estimated than forty all male and all naked The sound of their voices rich and deep matched by the rhythm of the drums that continued to enthrall her Without intending to she found herself swaying She knew what was coming but was still not uite prepared for it how could any woman prepare for it Phoenix and Jasper removed all her clothes tearing each article apart as they did She recalled Jasper’s words “They must all taste you and you must taste each of them There will be no end a circle can never end”Phoenix pulled her gently to the cushions until she was propped up comfortably with her legs spread wide He knelt between her thighs and took one last long look at her face uestioning if she was prepa

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Red for this Her nod was almost imperceptible She watched Phoenix approach with his hard member jutting out in front of him To her left she could see the Satyrs were lining up in two rows Jasper’s now familiar tongue drove between her legs and deep into her pussy He had learned to read her signals so uickly which thoroughly delighted Audrey She responded by raising her hips and driving her clit to his mouth Her eyes were closed relishing the feeling She opened them to see Phoenix grasping his cock and reaching toward her head His touch was soft and she opened her mouth to greet the hard shaft He sighed and pushed into her so far that she coughed and gagged He jerked to uickly pull out of her mouth worried he may have hurt he

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When Audrey finds herself abducted by a herd of Satyrs their strange ways befuddle and excite her Drawn to two stags in particular she knows that she must choose between them to truly become one of the herd With a moonlight mating ritual rising up to meet her how will Audrey sort through her lustful feelings to make the right decisionRead on for a small taste of what's insideTwo young bucks placed cushions in the center of the circle to create a deep and inviting mound Jasper gestured for Audrey to come and join him on it Her jeans had been torn in several places and with her tank top in disrepair it seemed she was wearing very little Standing in front of Jasper she looked around than a little intrigued by the amount of Satyrs

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My name is Bree Bellucci I’m a nurse by day and a sex fiend by night Writing sexy smut has been a hobby of mine for years I started out writing stories for my own pleasure and eventually began sharing with friends There is no better way to get me horny than reading about a slut doing whatever it takes to please her partner or partners The greatest erogenous zone is the mind and erotica is th

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