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RMS Olympic

Free download RMS Olympic

On October 20 1910 RMS Olympic was launched at Belfast She was the first of a trio of steamships constructed for the White Star Line and when built was the largest ship in the world Although she has freuently been overshadowed by the tragedy of her younger sister Titanic Olympic had a long and illustrious career Serving her country as a troopship.

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And factories were fitted with her sumptuous interiors Nicknamed 'Old Reliable' and proudly advertised as the 'Ship Magnificent' Olympic was one of the most beautiful liners to sail the transatlantic route and was a firm favorite of passengers In this work Brian Hawley brings together many previously unpublished images of White Star's finest vess.

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During World War I she was the only major passenger vessel ever to sink an enemy submarine After the war Olympic was refitted and throughout the 1920s she was a favorite liner of the rich and famous Although sent to the breaker's yard in 1935 much of her decor remains because her fittings were sold at auction and many houses hotels pubs offices.