CHARACTERS ¿ Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes

  • Hardcover
  • 184
  • Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes
  • Brian Shannon
  • English
  • 04 August 2019
  • 9781598795806

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Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes

Brian Shannon ß 8 CHARACTERS

Nd maximization of winners Tips on how to recognize and control costly emotional decisions Why fundamental analysis matters Brokerage firm dirty tricks to profit from your account with hidden fees Learn to anticipate rather than. books on trading tend to have little insight but this is a stunning example one of the worst trading books i've ever read

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How to enter established trends at low risk high profit levels Recognize and profit from the cyclical flow of capital through all markets Estimating profit potential in a trade Correct stop placement for preservation of capital a. I started my trading education with this book and it so much motivating and the first 5 chapters contain a good ideas and interesting approach to market I'm not saying it a great book but i think its a great start i always recommend it to newbies Saeed

SUMMARY Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes

React to price movement Specific strategies for entering managing and exiting long and short trades Short sueeze dynamics How to properly analyze and use volume and moving averages When the Level 2 screen is helpful And Much More. Too expensive for what it is The Trading Code which is 14 of its price is much intensive and interesting to learn from Meh