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Secrets She tries to hide them from me but I will do whatever it takes to prove that I’m the one she needs Shelby Ross is the other part of me that I can’t live without and I refuse to let her go again ShelbyHe broke my heartI never thought that I would be able to pick up the pieces he left behind so when he let me go I ran away from it all thinking it was the easiest thing to do However running always has a price 35 Stars No

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Fate brought her back to me and I will fight to make her mine again CarterShe’s always been the one for meThe one that I knew would be mine forever until I made the biggest mistake of my life I’ve tried to move on and I’ve tried to put the memory of her behind me but she’s always there consuming my thoughts Now she’s back in our hometown trying to rebuild a new life but I know deep down that she’s keeping Carter fell

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And I’ve paid it in full for years Now I’m back to where it all began and it should’ve been easy Carter Harlow is slowly reawakening long buried emotions that I thought were gone He wants to make me his again but I can’t let that happen He ruined me once and then broke my heart and now I’m afraid I’ll never survive it a second time around This is a standalone series and it does not have to be read in orde Carter Brie Dom na Zanzibarze years Now I’m back to where it all began and it should’ve been easy Carter Harlow is slowly reawakening long buried emotions that I thought were gone He wants to make me his again but I can’t let that happen He ruined me once and then broke my heart and now I’m afraid I’ll never survive it a second time around This is a standalone series and it does not have to be read in orde Carter Brie

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    Carter fell in love with Shelby when he was eleven years old but then he made a huge mistake and pushed her away Shelby was distraught when Carter rejected her and she ran away vowing never to return but now she's back but she's not ready to face himThis is a first in series and I liked all the Harlow boys but ultimately this was only an okay read for me I didn't particularly like Shelby I tried and while I felt sorry for her I didn't really like her and while I liked Carter I didn't buy his reason for pushing her away and found it difficult to feel sorry for him because of itParts of this seemed a little OTT and it reminded me of 'Until November' at times

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    You know a book is that bad when you'd rather skip few pages worth of sex scenes because you're exasperated with the characters starring in it I'm sorry I just can'tWe have characters in their 30's but have the maturity of a 16 year old kid who just hit puberty Also zero grovelling and too much pent up predictable unnecessary secrets No thanks

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    Just a reminder Read a review that said the characters don't interact for over half of the book; and may flashbacks Besides heroine immaturity

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    35 Stars No Connection for MeCarter is a genre that always gets me the long lost love Brie Paisley gives her readers just that with Carter and Shelby Friends since they were little kids it grew into and then of course as they got older things started to fall apartWhen Carter Harlow broke my heart I did what I knew best I ran ShelbyIt is now thirteen years later and Shelby is returning to her hometown to get away from her current life No matter where or who she was with even after all of these years it's always come back around to Carter Harlow the boy that broke her heart He's still living in the small town but Shelby needs to get out and will take the chance of running into himHow could I ever try to really commit when my heart belongs to someone else? CarterThe same can be said for Carter Everything boils back down to Shelby even after all these years He graduated law school and has been working alongside his dad at the family firm No longstanding girlfriends in his past and nothing current needless to say Carter is shocked when he finds out Shelby has come homeNo woman has called to me like Shelby No woman has made my heart and soul ache just to see her again CarterAw so sweet and I really really wanted to like Carter and Shelby but I didn't What kept sticking in my mind was their age If they were teens or even early twenties I'd have been okay with the back and forth between them However these guys were in their early thirties acting like this and still pining away for each other I'm a fan of the epic love story but this didn't hit the mark for me The immaturity level of Shelby got on my nerves and she sealed the deal when she blamed Carter for what happened to her after they broke up No responsibility for her actions The book is well written from dual points of view It is part of a series and Brie Paisley did a great job introducing the rest of the Harlow Brothers to perk my ears up for the next one Hopefully it will be Clark he seems to be the mysterious brotherReviewed for Renee Entress's Blog

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    When I start to read a new book so many thoughts goes through my head Will I like it? Will I be addicted only from reading the first chapter? Will I vibrate and dream about this story?Brie Paisley is a new author to me and when the opportunity arose to meet one of her works I did not hesitate From only the prologue I knew I would live a roller coaster of feelings and emotionsCarter is the first book of The Harlow Brothers SeriesThis book is told by Shelby and Carter Shelby is a lost soul She was betrayed and deceived by those she trusted and is forced to flee leaving everything behind and start a new life away from the cheating ex husband and from all and everyone that hurt her The fact that she had a childhood marked by her mother’s abandonment and by her father's negligence made her an insecure person and with some serious trust issues All she wants is to return to her hometown even if she had sworn thirteen years ago that she would never come back but she believes this city is the only place that she can find happiness againCarter is the older brother of five He’s the one that is always there ready to help when and where you need him There is in him something pure and kind For 13 years he suffered the absence of his best friend Shelby and blamed himself for her departure They were lovers in high school but something happened that separated them and from that day he never saw her againCan a love so strong cease to exist? Can they meet again and delete all these years of absence hurt and pain?This book had much impact on my way of seeing things only came to show that there are no obstacles in life that we cannot overcome no matter how bad they may seem there is always a turn to giveThe family love friendship and complicity are in great prominence in this book but the betrayal hate psychological torture are also presentBrie has a way of writing that appeals to the best we have but can also awaken the bad emotions as well If you do not believe me go grab your copy and start reading then we can speak And the hot scenes you ask? Of course there is and you will be hot very very hot I'm in love with this book and cannot wait to learn about The Harlow Brothers

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    DisappointedI thought this book would be good from the blurb but I was very disappointed Shelby may have been written as a victim but she came off as shellfish timid and whiney She was a very unlikable character Shelby spend most of the book feeling sorry for herself she acts like a victim not a survivor At 31% the 2 main characters STILL have not gotten together all we read is endless monolgue about how Shelby regrets just about everything and feels guilty all the time Ugh give it a rest Carter is a better and less annoying character The story is very inconsistent and at the end its just ridiculous with Shelby's mom Dont bother

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    Carter Brie Paisley45 starsThis seems to be a great start to a new series we are getting from Brie I love the cover – what a great shot I always like to go back and take the cover in AFTER I finish the book – this one is spot on The Harlow brothers are going to be a great treat for us This book centers around Carter and ShelbyCarter and Shelby have known each other since she was five Befriending her on the playground she found a friend and then her first love until he broke her heart Not knowing what to do and having a crappy family life – Shelby runs Now running back home after divorcing her horrific husband Easton Shelby finds herself hiding from Carter Thirteen years she stayed away – and now she has to face him eventually and she doesn’t know if she can handle it Finding peace in Annie and William’s house Shelby starts to put the pieces of her life back together having to suffer through than a 32 year old woman should have to This is a very strong love story between friends that became family I love the fact that we get the background on all the Harlow boys – Caden is Carters younger brother Carter is the oldest at thirty three Caden and Cason are twins Clark has joined the military and Caleb the youngest and getting ready to graduate from MIT I have a feeling Im going to love Clark’s book Cason should be interesting as well as he seems to find trouble – something happened to him after Shelby took off Handling Carter changed him There is a secondary character named Bethany that I really loved as well I hope she will stick around Losing Shelby sends Carter into a sea of regret and loss Having a second chance means working to get there together Shelby has a troubled past and Carter has something he’s hiding Its either make or break time Shelby’s piece of work mother wont help matters either I loved the story and the characters in this release and look forward to Its nothing brutal or un nerving so snatch this one up The writing is realistic to a point and that’s what hit home with me Reading something that someone out there might be able to relate to – starting over – finding what matters most back again – perfection Thank you Brie for the ARC LOVE this book Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets

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    This was a book about second chances where fate kinda stepped in Shelby and Carter met when they were just kids Shelby a not very taken care of child and Carter a well taken care of child Shelby's home life is in shambles mom doesn't care and dad drinks Carter has the normal home life Carter sees Shelby sitting on the swing and approaches her to see if he can push her and the biggest smile forms on her face cause that's all she wants is a friend That one day has been the reason Shelby and Carter are inseparable Each one is the others best friend and Carter's family welcomes Shelby into their family circle Carter is Shelby's first kiss at 15 Shelby has only wanted to be cared for and she is by Carter's family and a couple Annie and William Barrett down the street from her awful home As the years go by it is time for Carter to go off to college and this is where heartbreak starts Shelby surprises Carter at college one night and he let's her go thinking it is best for Shelby so she can go on to college now instead of waiting for him Well needless to say Carter was wrong He realizes his mistake but is too late to say sorry because Shelby is gone The Harlow family is kinda broken without Shelby but hey Carter was the dumb ass that caused it Shelby thought that life would be easy once she forgot about Carter and start a new wrong it starts good and goes horrible Thirteen years later Shelby has come home to Mississippi from South Carolina but she still hasn't forgotten what Carter did and will she be able to face him again when they meet in their some town Wanna know pick this book up and find outBrie you did a good job in the story of Shelby and Carter Both POV is my favorite style of writing at the moment I love this second chance story that you have shared with us and can't wait for the rest of the series Drama love fate and deceit all missed in this one and then the truth in the end Reviewed for Sweet Spicy Reads ARC provided for a honest review Carter

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    ☆☆Reviewed for Hooked On Books and CherryOBlossoms Promotions ☆ ☆ I gave this book 45 stars Ever have a book that by the end you don't want it to end? Well this book will leave you in a book hangover From the start we get just a glimpse into what hell Shel went through and by the end of the book we get to see what a strong woman she has become This book had many directions it could have went and at times I was guessing what was going to happen next I absolutely love the Harlow boys and their antics The way Annie and William and the Harlow was truly Shel family and the way they support her is amazingShel and Carter have been best friends since they were 6 As years went by their feelings turned to When Carter went off to Harvard for law school he ended up breaking Shel heart He thought he was doing the right thing Shel was heartbroken and decided to go away to SC for college That is where she met Easton Easton seemed like a good man and she ends up married to him When crap hits the fan with them she does was she always done and runs back home Carter works for his dad in his hometown He dated a few girls but none them holds his soul like Shel With it being a small town and everybody knowing everything it's just a matter of time before Shel and Carter see each other When the Shel past comes back can Carter show her she is strong enough not to run?Brie's writting is flawless and this book just flows She gives it the perfect twist turns and then a little bit of surprises for everyone to fall in love with it I can't wait to see what Harlow brother book we get next but I will definitely be on the look out for it

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