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Babylon 5 The Rim Babylon 5

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Ms the Rim is lawless mysterious and deadly As the Earth Alliance pushes out towards the Rim in search of new colony worlds new resources and new technologies they risk awakening the ancient powers that slumber in this dark region of space This is a not a safe place to be This is the Rim the Edge of the Abyss The Rim Sourcebook for.

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Babylon 5 opens up a whole new section of the galaxy for adventure and exploration From the EarthForce Explorer Corps and the corporations who are funding Humanity's expansion into this region to many new worlds and strange new races the Rim expands the setting of the Babylon 5 rpg into worlds only briefly glimpsed during the series.

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The Rim Beyond known space there lies the Rim There are a million stories about what lies out there dead worlds alien civilisations impossible spacecraft unimaginable treasures but there is only one thing that all the tales agree on and that's the danger Far from the well travelled jump routes and civilised planets of the core syste.

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