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– the prize is £1 million pounds each But when the competition begins the group begin to regret their decision Other teams are hunting their competitors and attacking them for body parts Can the friends s. I love cheesy horr Warriors in Winter is £1 million pounds each But when the competition begins the group begin to regret their decision Other teams are hunting their competitors and attacking them for body parts Can the friends s. I love cheesy horr

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When reclusive millionaire Marcus Gold announces that he’s going to be staging an “Iron Teen” competition on his private island in the Outer Hebrides teenagers Ben Lizzie Will Grady and Carmen sign up. I received an ARC بیست و چهار ساعت در خواب و بیداری island Getting Justice and Getting Even: Legal Consciousness among Working-Class Americans in the Outer Hebrides teenagers Ben Lizzie Will Grady and Carmen sign up. I received an ARC

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Tick together under such extreme pressure to survive When lives are at stake you find out who you can really trustA Red Eye horror novel for teens this gripping YA thriller story is full of fast paced action. Dropped at 43% War Beyond Enkription (The Burlington Files is full of fast paced action. Dropped at 43% War

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    OUTSMART OUTRUN OUTLIVE Wait What? Outlive? You won’t see Jeff Probst’s cheeky smile or hear his cheerful jibes at contestants in this game of Survivor In this game the stakes are high and so are the potential rewards10 teams5 people per team3 days£1 million each to the winning teamWhen Lizzie finds details online about Iron Teen hosted by multibillionaire Marcus Gold founder of Gold Foundation she eagerly tells her friends Ben Grady Carmen and Will about this exciting opportunity The five have previously completed the Duke of Edinburgh together so they’re confident they have a good chance of winning Iron Teen and taking home the cashOn the verge of adulthood and with dreams of university starting a business or helping out their struggling family at the forefront of their minds the five friends decide that this opportunity is too good to missFurnished with their initial instructions and backpacks filled to the brim with supplies I’m looking at you here Grady they think they have everything they need to complete the unknown challenges awaiting them on Aikenhead Gold’s private island They’re confident that between them they have the brains brawn and endurance reuired to succeed In this game teams need to race around the island to find locked boxes that contain the coordinates to the next location clues to solve the puzzle that will grant them access to the next locked box and a geocache box They will need to take whatever is in each geocache box and replace it with something “of eual or greater value at each checkpoint” The winning team will be the ones with the uickest time who bring all of their collected items with them to the final checkpoint Lizzie’s team are excited for a challenging but fun adventure that has the potential to set them up financially so they can live their dreamsOnce on the island our five adventurers learn that the game is not what they expected The terrain can be treacherous and there’s no one to help them other than their teammates Oh and the other teams are hunting their fellow competitors for body parts There will be no escape until the game is over because the crossing between the island and the safety of the real world is only raised every three daysThe characters action pacing gore and backstories combined made for a book I didn’t want to put down While there was plenty of action and at times I felt breathless when I realised I’d held my breath during a scene there were also times of connection between the teammates as well as suspense as the characters and myself waited for the next horror to unfold I’ve read plenty of books with gore in them so the descriptions here were certainly not the most graphic or gross that I’ve come across but in terms of a young adult book it would rate uite high on the ‘Eww’ meterThe characters’ personalities and voices were distinct and memorable I loved Grady’s wacky conspiracy theories I enjoyed Car’s sassy remarks and Lizzie’s enthusiasm Ben’s sensitivity was so sweet as was his not so secret love for Lizzie Will’s character was particularly interesting and while Grady was my favourite character Will came a close secondI particularly loved the exploration of the relationship between the two brothers Ben and Will The flashback scenes of their childhood experiences added a depth to a story that could easily have simply become a gore fest I didn’t expect the sensitivity of the portrayal of the mental illness within their family Through flashbacks and their current circumstances the dynamics of this family is examined We not only get to witness the effects that mental illness has on each individual; we also see its impact on the relationships between family members I definitely understood and empathised with the protector roleWhat delighted me above all was that I was surprised by both characters and events at the end I was surprised by certain actions of two characters and the actions of a third while I saw it coming had me rethinking whether I still liked them or not Usually young adult books while entertaining are generally fairly predictable I had some ideas of where the plot was heading but I not only didn’t guess the end it was also better than anything I’d come up with myself Another unexpected bonus was that this story got me to thinking about what I’d do if I was in any one of the character’s places Black and white moral uestions greyed for some characters and in most situations I could understand where they were coming from I loved the uestions this book made me consider for myself What would I be willing to do to win £1 million? What sacrifices would I be willing to make? How much is my integrity worth to me? Would £1 million cover the therapy bills I’d need to pay if I compromised my morals enough that I did what I had to in order to win? Is there a point of no return where the end justifies the means and what type of person is willing to cross this line? If you hurt me does that then entitle me to take revenge on you?I had just one unanswered uestion at the end of this book and while it’s possible I missed the explanation it is bugging me Why was team 10 disualified?I need to go find some of Bryony Pearce’s novels If this novel is any indication of her talent her back catalogue is going to be making its way to my Kindle fairly soonThank you so much to NetGalley and Stripes Publishing an imprint of Little Tiger Group for the opportunity to read this book I knew from having already read Charlotte Says that I was interested in reading Red Eye books Now I’m convinced I need to read them all

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    A bit gore than I'm used to but super uick to read and probably my favourite of the Red Eye books The setting was super effective and I liked the balance of things you could see coming and the smaller reveals that managed to catch me by surprise

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    I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review When five friends are given the opportunity to win a million pounds each they jump at the chance Little did they know of the terror and torment they would have to endure to succeed How far would you go to attain the cash prize?Ultimately for me ‘Savage Island’ was a little disappointing; I found the plot whilst creative too unrealistic for me to get enthused Firstly the aspect that made it uniue was the fact that geocaching was turned into this gruesome grisly activity and personally I thought it to be extremely disturbing which I know is the point with the genre being horror so in a sense it succeeded However I prefer my horror to be psychological or paranormal blood and gore is overrated for me but then that’s just meview spoilerThen you have the major twist concluding the novel made little sense to me – psychopaths running a business empire? Crazy That’s all I can really sum it up with as I couldn’t wrap my head around it We learnt nothing about Mr Gold in the end he was a bizarrely mysterious villain with no backstory to explain his ‘evil plan’ It just felt rather undeveloped hide spoiler

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    I love cheesy horrorsurvival type books and films so I was really pumped for this I was expecting lots of gore and some twists and turns First the gore was kind of basic and predictable to me Keep in mind that I watch a lot of horror no I mean a lot and while there was gore than normal YA books it just felt flat to me Nothing made me recoil or shocked me It was liked a REALLY watered down torture porn flick and I wasn't too impressed The characters are all morons which would be fine if they weren't written like experts in so many fields The decisions made no freaking sense I'm all for some dumb decisions but the side eye was heavy in this one for me I just wanted I will say the book moves fast and I can understand why some will find this one exciting I am not one of those people and I cannot recommend this book sadly It's my second read from the Red Eye series and I plan on reading them all eventually I loved Frozen Charlotte which was also put up for the Red Eye series RTC

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    Whoa baby Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww Gross Wow Ick Yikes Really? What? WHY GEEZ

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    this book had uite a slow start but uickly escaalated to the point where i felt as though i was unable to put it down

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    Dropped at 43% Warning this review will be a lot of WTF a dash of rage and wth were they thinking And it will also be chaotic And on my blog I will also have some gifs between stuffSo I was REALLY eager to start reading this one survival on an inhabited island? With the only people being other teams? Mystery and potentials murder? Oh yes sign me upSadly from the beginning it just wasn't all that For instance these kids are going survivalling they want to bring with them some electronics but then are too dumb to understand that stuff may get wet and you should put them in a plasticwaterprooftight bag They then proceed to be really shocked that their stuff is dead and soaked when they get to a dry pointNot to mention that if you have x time to cross a waterway that is about to flood in a few hours that maybe you shouldn't just rely on one watch especially when that watch is a smart watch Instead set up multiple watches to make sure you are getting dry on the land I hated the mom in the then parts Dear lord that woman Oh my kid just hit a pregnant lady my sister with a heavy book out of nowhere she is now angry but it is my kid he probably didn't mean it? Let me just hug him for an hour Oh my kid cut off someone's hair because she didn't want to give her lunch to him he has no issues I will sue the school instead And how she constantly lets Ben pick up everything and let himher do all the work Plus it made me feel real disturbed about Will What kind of effing psychopath is that guy that he does all that shit? From small kid to what he is now I don't even want to know how terrible and frightening he is now He seems normal in the Now parts but good grief I don't want to know how fast that guy will snap shivers He should have gotten help from the moment that people noticed something was wrong with him Dad should just have done something to get that kid help but it seems that dad was pretty oblivious to what was going on Ben I keep thinking that he is actually a she I am not too sure how to explain this correctly but with how he acts how he does how he thinks everything just screams GIRL to me Even when eventually told Ben is a he I kept seeing him as a girl Eventually I gave up on telling my mind that the character is supposed to be a boy and saw him 100% as a girlI did feel sorry for Ben that she had to give up so much I wish she would just say no Sorry you are not your brother's keeper you also get a chance at living Just pick you for once The tooth extraction scene? WTF WTF WTF and also NOPE NOPE NOPE pukes I still don't get the reasoning behind it How did we go from normal kids to oh hey we have to extract a tooth to have eual trade pukes And then they do it in such an irresponsible way Giving the guy medicine drugs magical mushrooms and oh yes vodka because that is just what you want to give someone when blood is about to flow out of them It was just so disgusting plus again so unbelievably stupid that it just didn't make sense and I don't see why it was added I could see that maybe later in the story it would have worked better but now it just felt weird not to mention uberdisgusting And then to hilarity sake that that happened to the tooth Good griefThen later Carmen disappears and I just knew crap was about to hit the fan and yep It did In a very disgusting way | How didn't they just make a list for each person on what to bring? Especially Grady someone should have kept an eye on him and what he brought | Grady was it needed to add him to the mix? He seemed to totally not fit the whole survival trip stuff OK sure the others also didn't seem the type but he was 100% not fit for it all Plus his conspiracies got on my nervesAlso I am pretty sure that is a hint to something very disturbing but when they found that note at the beginning and also later another one that kept going on about Elizabeth's thumb Elizabeth's thumb I can only guess what will happen later in the book not that I will be around to read it Sorry these kids are just badly prepared for something like this I had expected them to at least have some form of skills but to me they seemed to just do this for lols and oh yes money Because they all had some sad backstory and needed the money so desperately that they would just extract a tooth from a dear friend | Also who the hell eats magic mushrooms while on a survival trip? I would have also loved to see the other teams Now we just see them fleetingly from a distance or read that they are around So yep I am backing my way out of this one and say a big fat NOPE to this one | Review first posted at

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    5 friends sign up for the chance of a life time competition to win 1 million pounds each – the task? Just complete some puzzles and find some geocaches on a secretive private island – how hard can that be? But the island holds sinister secrets the competition is not all it appears and the other teams seem to be playing for much higher stakesSavage Island is the latest horror in the Red Eye YA Horror Series from Bryony Pearce I would say this is less a horror story and a psychological thriller although it does get a bit gory in places The premise itself is great as a geocacher myself the idea of finding something unwelcome in a box is intriguing and stuck with me after I had finished the book The riddles and puzzles the group have to solve keep the story interesting and it’s paced nicely – with the stakes gradually getting higher and higher as the plot builds to a crescendo The 5 characters are nicely written and well rounded and the fact it’s written in the first person from the perspective of Ben helps to draw you into the storyMy main problem with the book was with the narrative itself – it seemed very disjointed at times and in several places I found myself turning back to see if I had missed a page or a paragraph The story occasionally jumps around which is at odds to the rest of the writing style For example right at the beginning they are filling out the uestionnaire to join the competition and then half way through the scene you suddenly get the letter of acceptance with nothing to join the two Later they go to fetch a geocache box without something important that they need to open it They suddenly produce something they have created to work around the problem but nothing had been said about them making it or having the idea – it’s suddenly just there for them to useAlthough the use of flash backs works well to establish backstory it felt like they were thrown in randomly; they weren’t clearly defined and they confused the plot in places They were needed as exposition to make the ending work but they weren’t particularly placed sympathetically in the present narrative As I was reading an advance copy pdf of the book there were some formatting errors – including odd paragraph breaks which may make this a little clearer but I didn’t feel this was solely a formatting problem Overall it’s a really good premise and a really interesting story It’s easily comparable to novels like Lord of the Flies or The Hunger Games but it brings something new to the table in a modern day setting There’s a good ending and it’s use of suspense and slow raising stakes makes it interesting to read My only criticisms are the odd use of flash backs and occasional disjointed narrative but otherwise I recommend it Thank you to NetGalley and Little Tiger Group for the chance to read and review Savage IslandRead of my reviews at wwwkindigcouk

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    I have written a full review of this book over on my blog wwwjanaybrazierblogspotcoukOverall this was a really good book It is uniuely scary and gruesome a book that I would describe as The Hunger Games meets the Saw movies It’s not the kind of thing I’d usually pick up but it still sounded intriguing so I picked it up I’m glad I was brave and went for it

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    The ending wow Although I was kind of upset about the very last page So I'm giving this a 3