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    Genre EroticaType Book 3 of 6 from The Pony Tales seriesPOV Third PersonRating 4 Golden Cocks Jenny Redcliff’s first day of hell at Albrecht Stables was only halfway through She still harbored hope of being rescued until Master Mark Matthews foiled her plan and showed her what happened to disobedient ponies I have to say I’m beginning to feel that I wouldn’t mind being in Jenny’s place haha ‘Now it seems that my Mr Adorable persona isn't working for you Let's take it a step further then shall we? It's time to meet Mr Damn Fucking Awful Buckle your seatbelt filly because you're in for uite a ride' Mark is one of the reasons why He just oozed sex appeal and I love it even when he’s being awful Like Jenny he was also battling his own inner struggle regarding their situation He enjoyed the admiration of women and the instant lust in their eyes when they saw what lady luck had delivered on their doorstep A slew of new characters were introduced in this book from the Stables staff other ponies and a new Mistress and Master From the look of it the new trainers would have a bigger role in the next book Also some secret behind Jenny’s stay at the Stables was revealed Hot To Trot mainly focused on Jenny’s first round of training where pain and pleasure started to meld together making her confused yet highly aroused The ending promised some kind of showdown for the next book I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to Jenny next NoteThere was a hands on grooming scene by other ponies – somewhat of a very mild ff orgy That was hot hahaBooks in the series Must be read in order For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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    Saddle up for smokin' hot Pony Play If you play nicely around here you are rewarded with pleasure If you play nasty you are rewarded with pain The way you're going my dear little Miss you're in for plenty of the latter and not a great deal of the former Now it seems that my Mr Adorable persona isn't working for you Let's take it a step further then shall we? It's time to meet Mr Damn Fucking Awful Buckle your seatbelt filly because you're in for uite a ride And what a ride it was I officially have a crush on Master Mark his single minded focus while training Jenny was a total turn on in spite of or perhaps because of? all the delicious torture inflicted on little Jenny in this episode of the Pony Tales seriesMaster Mark had one impressive bag of tricks to draw from So many toys and implements for breaking his new ponyAnd poor Jenny she's finally starting grasp the fact that escape from Albrecht Stables will be nearly impossible Nobody is coming to rescue her In fact she learns that her own father arranged for her stay at this twisted little prisonWe met several new characters in this book and while their parts were rather brief I look forward to seeing of each of them in the future CP Mandara has an impressive ability to write out secondary and tertiary characters with enough detail to intrigue but not so much as to seem overdoneBut enough about that Let's get back to the stars of the showJenny Redcliff Her body was beginning to enjoy the intense brand of stimulation and it hungered for of the same She was beginning to understand that the pain torment and humiliation simply added spice to the final result Jenny was brought to Albrecht Stables against her will a spoiled heiress sent to pony girl training by her father We begin to see glimpses of the 'how' and 'why' of her father's decision in this book and I can't wait to read on and discover the whole storyIn this episode Jenny goes head first into intense pony training muscle control anal training sensory play and all sorts of lovely torture at the hands of the beautiful Master Mark a man she either wants to murder or fuck silly depending on the momentThe really scary thing for our reluctant pony is that she's beginning to enjoy a great deal of what's being inflicted upon her Though she isn't really being given any time to reflect on itMaster Mark Watching his filly suffer under his capable hands Mark fought to control his arousal This one was going to test his honed willpower to the max Fortunately the end result would be all the pleasurable because of it Rarely did a pony arouse him uite this badly but he had to admit that he wanted her What a Dom Master Mark sets about training his new filly with an enthusiasm that will leave you pantingMark knows he has is work cut out for him with Jenny but he doesn't cut her an inch of slack If he can bring this spoiled girl to heel she will be magnificent But it's a tough road aheadInventory of Kink Humiliation Intimidation Non Con Dub Con Bondage Discipline Lots of Anal Play Sensory Play Edging Forced Orgasms ExhibitionismThere's something captivating about this series Yes the delicious kinkiness in there in spades but there's something beneath the surface which gets a little clearer with each book There's some behind the scenes maneuvering which pushed the MCs togetherI guess we'll just have to keep reading to find out the whole storyI was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    4 'Things are getting hotter' starsThings are indeed getting hotter between Jenny and Mark These two are going to set The Albrecht Stables on fire just by being in each other presence If the circumstances were different they would probably already be on hate fuck round number 15 She needed an orgasm No that wasn't uite right She desperately needed an orgasm Spartacus was well aware of the fact and he just added to her level of arousal with each stride forward of his glossy black riding boots She was not going to watch his delectable backside bounce up and down Much Even if it was pert firm and curved in all the right places But circumstances are uite unusual They are a trainer and a pony girl And while she is literally gaged and bound his hands are tied figuratively I'm wondering what kind of bad blood is between Mark and Mr Radcliffe And if Mark is even aware of it I personally wouldn't mind seeing him getting kicked in his balls As much as I love this man his ego is insufferableWe also met some interesting characters What's going on between Kyle and Isobel? And what kind of grudge Mistress Katrina has against Mark? I'm so excited to find out And also I'm delightfully looking forward to sessions with Jenny and Mark Yeah I know I'm enjoying them way too much 🤭🤭🤭 I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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    In Hot to Trot Jenny Redcliffe continues on course with her pony training under Master Mark Matthews’ strict tutelage There’s a reason Mark’s initials are MMM because he is finer than hell with his strong legs in those riding boots Mmmmmm The next phase of Jenny’s training includes general acclimation to her new lifestyle such as eating sleeping grooming and general pony etiuette but the most important is Anal Training “Mark had to apply uite a bit of pressure but the last two beads with the help of some vigorous pumping finally slotted into place leaving just the small tail end of them on show He pinged it with her finger and heard her gasp His filly was filled to the brim and what was she loved it” Master Mark is prepared to take Jenny’s body to new heights of pain and pleasure but she must be an obedient filly for the pleasure to outweigh the pain By outfitting Jenny with an assortment of marvelous plugs dildos vibrators her body is a taut and tightly wound instrument ready to explode from all the deep sensations “He’d make her beg to suck his cock and why stop there? She would beg to have all of her lovely holes filled fucked and thrust into” Knowing she has absolutely no control at this point Jenny is forced to become a pony girl and stripped of her old life While Jenny agrees to acuiesce to Master Mark as a means to an end the reason for her enrollment and training at Albrecht Stables remains to be a mystery “This isn’t somewhere you end up by chance” In volume 3 a midpoint in the series details are unveiled about who is controlling Jenny’s welfare at the stables Plus some internal tension arises among the Masters that promises to escalate the competitive spirit for the upcoming pony auction Therefore we are left with some theories to ponder and wonder what exactly is in store for Jenny If you are looking for some kink with a super sized side of kink I highly recommend this series Pony Tales series

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    Would it be in bad taste to say things are steaming up?Humiliation upon humiliation is heaped upon our poor heroine Despite her being a rather petulant spoilt and selfish individual I do feel some sympathy for her This is something the author does uite well She makes her characters just imperfect enough just the wrong side of right so that whilst you like them you don't feel too much empathy or sorrow for their terrible plight She enjoys a lot of that plight and a multitude of orgasms does sound enjoyable However forced orgasm torture probably isn't called torture because it's so much funWe get and intrigue thrown in and if I ever met Jenny's dad I think I would castrate him with a blunt table knife before stabbing him in the eye with a rusty spoon There are other players afoot in this game and lots of backstabbing not to mention tongue stabbing Though that's a very different activity all togetherI'm impressed with how well Jenny's holding everything together I'm sure I would have descended into a uivering mess of forlorn sobs or become a raving lunatic after being subjected to the same treatment After all this is very much non con though very gentle non con as there is no rape violence or physical abuse Being forced to train as a pony girl does probably count as mental and emotional abuse though even if she does enjoy some of it Or maybe she's just so incredibly used to getting her own way that poor Jenny's brain can't comprehend fully the truth of her situation Either way it makes for a darn good kinkily depraved readI now own all 9 the books in this series but overloading on arc commitments for the past two years means I'm very behind on finishing them So the re read is two fold firstly to remind myself of events so I can understand the books I haven't read second is that I read them in my pre review on goodreads days and not having a review on here bugs the heck out of me This is the last and longest of the 'short' parts of the story there are 3 additional full length books in Pony Tales plus the three Velvet Collar books which in many ways can be read as a stand alone trilogy

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    This is a continuation in Jennies training into becoming a complete pony This book expands on the anal area and the looks of the pony I've found myself warming and feeling so sorry for Jenny and dearly hoping that Mark gets to help her Each book leaves me with yet uestions What the hell did she do to her father? and he obviously has a thing against Mark now as well I just hope Jenny and Mark get the opportunity of sorting her wicked father out I love Agnes I think she's a character I'm going to fall in love with she's clearly a mummy typeMy only critiue would be that a lot of the play is very well described but I'm a visual girlI need pictures to visualise what is being described so at times I find it difficult to visualise what is happening but then the sex and torture is very clear so who really cares I just love it I get the gist of what is occurring and sometimes it's oh hell no and other times it's oh hell yesStill can't wait to read the rest

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    This story had me walking a fine line between arousal and terror Ms Mandara has a delightfully sadistic imagination Though the scenes between Mark and Jenny often made me uncomfortable they were well written Dayum but Mark is delightful in his creative torture I hated Kyle who seemed willing to severely injure Jenny shoving her onto the pyramid plug just to get one over on MarkI still have trouble with the fact that Jenny's father sent her to this place and now it seems that he's sold her into what is essentially sexual slavery so that he can screw over a competitor which makes it even worse I highly recommend this book for people who like an intense mix of sexual teasing non con pony play and humiliation I thoroughly enjoyed it ;

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    Another great episode in Jenny's transformation to pony girl Once again the writing and editing is first class one of the best ponypetplay booksserials I have read In this episode Jenny is put through the wringer by Mark and a sadistic trainer Kyle She finishes the day being primped bathed and trimmed and is finally dressed in her pony gear and meets her stable mates Of course there is heaps to it but that would give the game away wouldn't it nowFuture intrigue as to her father's motives for sending Jenny to become a pony girl are hinted at no doubt we will learn in the next episode Tally Ho and onward

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    Will Jenny ever learn that there is no escape for her? She is forced to crawl in the mud and eat from a trough She is subjected to hot and cold play Then there is the oral and anal training Her beautiful hair and nails are cut off and her body is shaved She is forever on display My heart broke a little when Kyle pulled his stunt I want both Mark and Jenny to know what he did I can't wait to read about the results from Kyle's behavior and about the auction that Mark keeps talking about I can't wait for Pony Tales #4

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    This series is so sadistic and bizarre The concept intrigues me in a way that seems to be only fired up with each new installment to the storyThe storyline is interesting I am curious to see where it goes next A new character was introduced and some facts about Jenny's situation are revealed I love the budding almost relationship in a way between Jenny and Mark

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Onscious but the day is far from over A group of ladies with wandering fingers are given the task of transforming Jenny into a sweet submissive little pony who will be left looking ‘hot to trot’ in no time at allAfter an exhausting day of training Jenny has only escape or rescue o In Hot to Trot Je Loving Lilly the day is far from over A group of ladies with wandering fingers are given The Complete Idiot's Guide to Quinoa Cookbook the Christmas Eve on Sesame Street task of An Atheist Defends Religion transforming Jenny into a sweet submissive little pony who will be left looking ‘hot Asian Bites: A feast of flavors from Turkey to India to Japan to An Atheist Defends Religion trot’ in no The Flintstones Stone Age Nursery Rhymes time at allAfter an exhausting day of Herotica 4: A New Collection of Erotic Writing by Women training Jenny has only escape or rescue o In Hot El Diablero to Trot Je

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The viciously attractive Mark with the unfaltering smile has a day of endurance planned for Jenny that the devil himself would find challenging His artful temperature play has her screaming his anal dilators have her howling and a ride in the sybian’s saddle leaves her virtually unc 4 'Things are get Earth A Visitor's Guide: Weird, Strange, Bizarre... and True the unfaltering smile has a day of endurance planned for Jenny Trusted Advice Your Healthy Pregnancy that Everlasting Covenant the devil himself would find challenging His artful Las correcciones temperature play has her screaming his anal dilators have her howling and a ride in The Return of Sherlock Holmes the sybian’s saddle leaves her virtually unc 4 'Things are get

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N her mind Alas escape is rather difficult when you’re naked dressed in thigh high pony boots and have your hands immobilised in leather mittens which are clipped behind your back Besides escape isn’t all that important – not when you’re desperate for your next orgasm it isn Will Jenny ever l