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Undone by the Sultans Touch

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Ding presence and intense eyes But what would a sultan want with an ordinary girl like her Cleo is exactly what Khaled needsa convenient yet beautiful bride to unite his warr. Going to try and keep this short but if you've read my re

Free download Undone by the Sultans Touch

Ing country He'll offer her diamonds and riches but nothing  Yet as their marriage plays out in the darkness of the night the passions unearthed threaten to consume them both. visit the blog to see our interview and my reviewhttpther

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Kiss me if you are so daring   When Cleo Churchill's travels land her in the path of Khaled bin Aziz Sultan of Jhurat she's instantly transfixed by his warrior physiue comman. Started off decently enough but after the marriage the sh

About the Author: Caitlin Crews

Caitlin Crews discovered her first romance novel at the age of twelve in a bargain bin at the local five and dime It involved swashbuckling pirates grand adventures a heroine with rustling skirts and a mind of her own and a seriously mouthwatering and masterful hero The book the title of which remains lost in the mists of time made a serious impression Caitlin was immediately smitten with

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