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NjoyOver the coming days Avalon's captors become her protectors but will they be able to keep her safe when her life is threatened by the man who sent her to steal the artifact in the first placePublisher's Note Condemned is set in the same world as Ruled but it is a stand alone novel It includes spankings and rough intense sexual scenes If such material offends you please don't buy this boo. condemned is Silve

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She owes them her life She'll pay with her bodyAfter she is caught trying to steal an artifact from an alien temple Avalon is saved from a terrible fate by four veteran warriors but the battle scarred brutes make it clear they have no intention of setting her free She belongs to them now and one after the other they bring her roughly to heel using and enjoying her beautiful body as thoroughl. This is a reverse

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Y and as often as they pleaseThough their plan to rescue her goes smoothly Avalon remains distrustful of these alien beasts and her efforts to escape them soon earn her a painful humiliating punishment Despite her shame she cannot hide her response to their touch and before long she is screaming with pleasure as she is brought to climax again and again by acts she'd never thought she could e. Ummthis was a weir

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