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There are gods among usSix young gods are hiding in plain sight among mortals living secretly in cities across the world From lavish penthouse soirees to pulsing underground clubs for them the party literally never ends Until nowOn a hot June morning the body of a beautiful girl is found floating in the rooftop pool of the Jefferson Hotel her whi Of course must read Awesome cover btw


Mark Nike and Peitha to put aside centuries of betrayal and heartbreak and stop the mysterious source of darkness that is taking over before the sun sets foreverCarina Adly MacKenzie blogger and television critic has penned a steamy romantic and ultimately redemptive story of forgotten gods the persistence of hope and the power of love to save us I was really looking forward to reading Eternal Night the debut novel from Carina MacKenzie she's a writer on the CW hit TV show The Originals The basic premise involves six young Gods living in modern New York City who must come together despite centuries of tension conflict and love between them after the suicide of their friend Nadia the Goddess of Hope They work to solve the mystery of her death while confronting the demons of their past– but they are racing against a ticking clock because Nadia's death is the catalyst for an ancient prophecy that leads to plagues roaming the streets of New York If they don't work uickly enough the city will be plunged into Eternal Night There are so many wonderful things about this book but what really stuck out to me are the distinct characters They are all based off of mythological Gods Lola the main character is descended from Aphrodite the Goddess of Love Dean is descended from Dionysus the God of wine and revelryetc but they are each imbued with very specific character traits and motivations They each get their own POV which I really enjoyed Their interactions with one another are complex and full of romantic tension– there are FOUR couples in Eternal Night so there's no shortage of sexy scenes and complicated love triangles The overall mystery and pacing of the novel are also excellent– Carina did a great job of bringing New York to life and the characters explore different areas of the city in their attempts to figure out why Nadia died I don't want to give too much away but I was NOT anticipating the ending at all The apocalyptic events build to a really dramatic climax and I thought the resolution was both unexpected but really satisfying Overall I loved it

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Te ink tattoos revealing the story of a life much longer than seems possible Only the immortals know the truth Nadia was the goddess of hope Now she’s gone and the world as they know it is ending The Hudson River has turned blood red Storms rage overhead Mania is rapidly spreading across the globeIt is up to the remaining gods Lola Dean Weston Yup another 2 star book I am either being a negative bitch or I'm just picking all the wrong books to read latelySo this book could have had it all The premise was promising the going back and forth between so many characters actually worked and that is a biggie given that sometimes even two POVs can be too much the characters were likeable enough and well who doesn't love an end of the world battle between good and evil All this potential was thrown away because this book is simply put boring I had to pick it up around ten freaking times in order to finish it I was in the mood for reading and I would think Oh where was I Ah uhmmm that book right better start a new 10 season show I literally had to force myself to read and then I couldn't even keep going for long because I was bored to deathThese characters are thrust into a battle for humanity and their lives and they basically spend the entire book fretting over their relationships and keeping busy with things they could have solved in the past fifty centuries but no they needed one of them to die in order to face their issues And when I said battle I only mean like ten pages in the end of the book because that's all the apocalyptic war action there was There supposedly is some detective work in there but it basically comes down to big meetings where they discuss things to death or to chapters each of the characters is alone and wallowing in his miseryAnd to add insult to injury we also get a case of the insta love Granted it involves the goddess of love but come on since nobody was doing anything in the end of the world front she could have gone on a date Would be interesting than reading about how she got dressed for whatever spying mission they had going on which happened in numerous occasionsI would have been sold on the NikeMark romance if I wasn't so exasperated at how it was all they cared about when the world was dying around them Like priorities people priorities As for Dean and Peitha I just didn't care If I were to make judgments based on the author's day job I would say she was influenced by how they drag out tv episodes in order to make a full season out of nothing But this isn't a tv show and I won't be distracted by the New Orleans shots or Joseph Morgan's pretty face and just let all the boring stuff slide

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