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  • The Hand of Satan
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  • 24 March 2019
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The Hand of Satan

Carl Nagel ´ 9 Free read

Cts produced by its spells rituals and conjurations One man from Italy regularly calls upon the Spirit Astaroth to bring money to meet his financial needs and his reuests have never gone unanswered Do the Dark Spirits exist Do they hear our pleas Do they answer our calls The answer is a resounding YES In this booklet a continuation of the theories expounded in DSM you will learn how to summon the Dark Spirits of the Night to shape the future such that money will no longer be a probl.

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Black Magic tends to attract those with suppressed sexual desires and sadistic inclinations who are drawn to the idea of satanic orgies and the sacrificing of babies sorry you won’t find any of that here What you will find is real Black Magic In 1996 I wrote an unusual little book called Demonic and Sexual Magick which dealt with the summoning of dark forces to do one’s bidding and manifest their desires It listed examples of people who had used the spells and rituals and rejoic.

Summary The Hand of Satan

Ed at the results they attained Ordinary people like JohnT who used the dark forces to receive 1200 in less than seven days AdamF who used the Power to win at the roulette wheel Chris L who inflamed a young woman with lust and David B who used the dark forces to have a long term sexual relationship with a beautiful young neighbor The response to DSM has been simply incredible Today 14 years later I am still receiving emails from people the world over detailing the extraordinary effe.

About the Author: Carl Nagel

Carl Nagel is one of the world’s leading authorities on the psychic and occult sciences World traveler and lifelong student of the occult sciences he began writing at the age of twenty six Formerly a member of the Psychic Research Society of Australia Mr Nagel is widely known for his writings on psychic and metaphysical phenomena In this book he brings much of his earlier writings together