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Simply Sinful Simply Series #1

characters Simply Sinful Simply Series #1

Tiuette school she runs for awkward businessmen is really some kind of escort service It looks cut and drieduntil he sets eyes on Kayla She's smart but she's also trusting to a fault. Simply Sinful by Carly Phillips is number one is the series Detective Kane M

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Detective Kane McDermott might be fighting a bad case of burnout but that doesn't mean he's taking things easy His latest assignment is to investigate Kayla Luck to discover if the e. Let me start by saying I really wanted to like this book The storyline seeme

Carly Phillips ï 6 Read

And the heat that flares up between them keeps getting in the way of Kane's best intentions But if Kayla ever suspects his real motives Kane will be the one who ends up getting burn. Originally published as HT #775