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The Sixth Power

Free download The Sixth Power

Tania Westing a high school senior is one of the Gifted Ones descendants of an ancient family with seven special powers Some of the powers are common and some are rareUntil her geneticist brother Tom was murdered Tania lived. The Sixth Power is a book about good vs evil Knowledge is power and El Calavera the book's main antagonist believes that one of the most powerful discoveries that can change the world is in the mind of Tania Westing a high school senior Tania Westing is one of the Gifted Ones with the ability to heal other people but she has always lived an ordinary life up until the moment she met a man named Dan Maclean After she realizes that her life is in grave danger she faces one challenge to another determined to protect her family and friends from the people who would do anything to get to herOverall a good read uick and fun The book reminded me of a typical Disney movie with a good versus evil plot where magical powers are involved The story itself is uite interesting and the narrative seuence is also easy to follow Also enjoyed the mix of romance in the book Although the book had an interesting plot I felt as though it wasn't exactly gripping enough since it didn't bring a lot of new things to the table Nonetheless I enjoyed reading it and I definitely loved the Lord of the Rings reference

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Eveals her rare power to heal the evil Gifted Ones who killed Tom suspect Tania has his research and formulas and come after her Tania must learn to use her powers to help save Dan's sister in time to keep Tom's secrets safe. I really liked this book Loved the paranormalsci fi aspects of it It was kindof a mix of both has the genetics playing into it but these Gifted ones are born that way not made so that is where I feel the paranormal part of witches powers etcAnyway over all its about good vs evil and Knowledge is very powerful and the evil El Calavera is the books main antagonist he believes that one of the most powerful discoveries that can change the world is hidden in the mind of Tania Westing hidden there by her murdered genius brother Tania is a high school senior and will be off to college soon She discovers over time the gift she has is to heal and its rare but she is untrained due to her father's interfering with her mother's family he is in denialThings were pretty normal for Tania until she heals a friend and then right after meets another group of Gifted people one of those being the hot Dan MaClean We get some nice sweet swoon scenes with them She has come to realize her life is in grave danger and it gets really exciting from there onI really enjoyed the sweet romance of Tania and Dan It was not those insta love kinds They did have that paranormal connection thing going but they took it slow He lived in Arizona and her in San Diego so she meets him over the spring break as they visit her parent's hometown and where she will go to college Anyway they have to take it slow anyway long distance with some visits; it's really sweet and I like to see the slower building type of romance in this YA bookI do not want to spoil anything so won't say much I think anyone who likes the paranormalsci fi just a bit will like this book I really got hooked pretty uickly and stayed that way5 out of 5 stars Give it a tryOh and best thing is no huge cliffhanger Yay I mean its left to be able to go on for sure but its not like an unbearable thingI was given a copy of this book for my honest review

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An ordinary life Now hidden in her mind is a clue that will reveal Tom's research including secret formulas to unlock all seven powers During spring break Tania meets and falls in love with handsome Dan Maclean When Tania r. I was so disappointed by this book that I cannot even begin to properly explain it When I first started reading The Sixth Power I admit that I had no clue what I’m walking into just that it involves super powers and genetic research We all know how many bookscomics both good and bad have attempted that kind of plot recipe before with a myriad of varying results so I was wondering what would make this book stand out from the restNothing made this book stand out In fact I can name a handful of things that makes it sink under First off the writing I’ve read better I’ve read worse but this one is just not good enough Writing is kind of a tough industry to infiltrate knowing that there are a lot of brilliant and promising authors out there vying for the readers’ attention so for an author to stand above the rest they should be able to compete in terms of prose uality I’m not saying that Nicolas’ writing is bad because it was okay And that’s exactly the issue It’s just ‘okay’The characters of this book also failed to impress me We should begin with Tania Westing after all she is our main character Tania is just a normal teenager with an abnormal amount of tragedy in her life First her mother dies causing her father to fall into depression and social withdrawal And then his geneticist brother commits suicide for no apparent reason It’s really hard not to feel sympathetic about Tania and I did at the very start But as the story progresses I could not help but notice her utter lack of self preservation which is odd for a girl who has gone through as much suffering as she did She literally pore her heart out to Dan the moment they were alone without even much effort on his part And then she pitches herself heart first into the love cliff with shameless abandon within a few days of meeting him Talk about mind numbing eventsMy problem with Tania’s personality does not even come close with my problem with ALL the characters in general You know how sometimes when you read a book with a mediocre plot but you can’t seem to put it down because you started to care deeply for the characters Yeah that did not happen in this case because I felt absolutely nothing for any character in this book except maybe some slight irritation Everyone from Tania to the Maclean Siblings to El Calavera – they all seemed dull to me It would have been good if I liked them and it would have been bad if I hated them but I was indifferent to them which was worse Not that I didn’t understand any of their collective or individual issues because I did It’s just that they lacked personality and were too two dimensional for my taste thus you can only imagine how difficult it was for me not to drop this book in the middle of readingDid I mention that this book also features a love story Yes I did Another case of insta love with no chemistry involved at all Allow me to just set this straight once and for all there are rare cases where insta love works because somehow the author manages to conjure enough spark to keep the love story aflame but these instances are the exceptions not the rule That’s why I can’t understand why authors continue to shower us with insta romances when we clearly do not want them that much As readers we need foundation we need that slow impossible torture of watching two people fall in love while they deny it and that crippling agony of anticipation as we yell at them to just kiss already You’re not going to find anything like that in The Sixth Power Dan and Tania’s love story seemed too hurried to me There was no build up and no magic Also the storyline where both characters didn’t have anyone for a long time before they met each other and suddenly they feel the need to be together is getting REALLY OLD Someone needs to figure out something new alreadyAnother thing is that this book’s narrative tends to be dragging at times For someone who is used to fast paced stories I found myself not adjusting very well with the slow moving plot In my opinion the author failed to provide minor plotlines that managed to hold my interest as I wait for the main plot to be revealed Some dialogs also bordered on preachy and annoying which did not sit well with meI gave this book 2 out of 5 stars because I thought that this is one of those ‘could have beens’ Could have been better if the plot was well cultivated because I honestly think that there’s some promise behind the author’s idea Could have been better if the author invested way in character development Could have been better if the romance wasn’t an insta love All in all could have been better but just isn’t I realize that I’m the only person in Goodreads to give The Sixth Power a low rating but keep in mind that I’m not trying to be rude or offensive just honest and impartial Some people might like this book I guess as evidenced by it’s 412 GR ratings Sad to say I’m not one of them