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Resisting Cupid

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Emma reluctantly returns to Cupid Texas stealing time from her career as a television journalist to be her high school best friend's maid of honor The four months of her brief youthful marriage to Tucker her high school boyfriend had been fiery in lots of ways She can't uite for. Emma has stopped thinking about Tucker since she returned t

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Hey're still married She'd thought Tucker took care of the matter but he tells her he never got a divorce They're still married and Tucker isn't sure he wants a divorce He still has feelings for EmmaShe has to decide if the flames between her and her husband deserve another shot. I was a bit thrown with this one it is somewhere between it

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Get his kisses even though she's tried To her chagrin she sees Tucker at the wedding rehearsal since his brother is the groom Just as hot as he was before Tucker's still the hunky guy she married right out of high school but now he's a medical doctor Emma's shocked to discover t. Gave up around 25% I've already seen the movie It's called

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    NovellaShort Story Ratings Book ♥♥♥ 3 Stars Author ♥♥♥♥♥5 starsTotal ♥♥♥♥4 starsCarol Rose is uickly becoming one of my favorite authors I have read several of her books and always feel as though I walk away with a sweet surprise Lets get into the goodies of the book You have Emma the Heroine who hates her job and her life but feels like she has fulfilled a lot of her desires who goes to her friends wedding in Cupid TX where she grew up only to find out that her “ex husband” is the best man stepbrother of the groom I love love Tucker and want one of him in my life When she finds out Tucker never got the divorce he promised and that he is now a doctor she realizes that she never stopped loving him anyway The ONLY reason I gave this book a three is that the wedding thing was OFF to me I swear that one day they were going to a wedding and the next in like one paragraph the author explains about the wedding I am still baffled over the whole wedding portion of the book This was a real Sweet Home Alabama type of book

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    I don't understand why authors do this?? You have a really good idea but then you end up being too lazy to actually write the story and end up wrapping it up in 20 pages??? 20 pages?? that was the length of my highschool book reports Wasted idea for a sweet story Randomly introduced characters no time for development of story abrupt reconciliation too little time for any chemistry to be felt random twist with the friend's wedding that apparently never happened without any explanation Weird and useless

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    Emma has stopped thinking about Tucker since she returned to CupidTexasShe still loves himjust isn't sure what to doWhat would you do if you had another chance with your first love well that her dilema

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    another small nothing novella

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    Gave up around 25% I've already seen the movie It's called Sweet Home Alabama I've downloaded a few freebies from this author and I hope they're not all this unoriginal

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    A short and easy feel good romance that'll leave you contented after a few minutes of reading

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    I wasn't sure what to expect with this story but by the time I finished it I knew I didn't care for it much While it is very short there is a clear story within it It was only after I finished it that I found out it was part of a three story anthology and I couldn't tell if there was a book that preceded it which I found annoying Readers are able to understand this story without knowing the romance of the couple getting married that brings the main characters of each story back to the town of Cupid but I would have liked to seen that prior story somewhereAs far as this story is concerned I really hated the heroine She seemed so childish and shallow for all the growing up she had done Not to mention what woman doesn't do follow up when she demands a divorce? It just didn't seem plausible The hero was interesting and caring but again why didn't he follow up about the divorce sooner? It made the story just too convenient I think I'll be removing this from my Kindle library it just doesn't seem worth a re read to me

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    I was a bit thrown with this one it is somewhere between it's ok and I like it so 25 stars The story is good has potential but I think there are some flaws that make it uite unbelievable She left her marriage after only 4 months when she was still 18 Her parents let her leave and pursue a career in the big city but no one really follows up that her high school sweet heart and husband does NOT file for divorce????The wedding they find themselves reunited at after living 10 years apart is actually a no show because her friend apparently one of her BFFs runs off with another guy which is mentioned only in the endI liked the guy but to be honest I can't believe that a man is not seeing other women after his wife leaves him He becomes a doctor not a couch potatoe so are there no other lovely women in Cupid Texas?

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    Luckily I was able to download this book for free off because it was a serious let down for me The story line had potential to be such a good book however due to the shortness of the book it falls flat You get a brief introduction to the main characters and thier history but before you can really get to like them the book is already over I felt that the author short changed the readers with this one

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    Yeah that was justNot goodThe summary was so great and the author could've definitely done a real book with the plot and charactersSo yeah I'm really disappointedI hate when you read a summary and it sounds so good and the author doesn't play it out how you want itThat was kind of a waste of my time

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