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Past Revenge

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I wanted you Danielle the moment I saw youNicholas Andracas was not only commissioning Danielle to paint the portrait of his latest mistress he was also boldly trying to seduce her with his lethal ch. Some great reviews here and I don't have much to add Heroine's revenge is great it really was a dish served up cold and it made the hero cry I don't think I could have stomached the ending if he hadn't cried hero was awful at the beginning Because the heroine got to have her catharsis and hero's manhood is now restored I can get behind their HEA I'm also glad that the OW got fired from her acting job Finally some justiceFor revenge junkies Not a lot of romance here just stalking and cold dismissals and an OTT OW to muddy the waters But there's drama lots and lots of drama

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ArmThe rich and arrogant oil tycoon didn't recognize Danielle as the young woman who'd given herself to him in innocence seven years ago To him she'd been a mere diversion of value only when his wife. One of the best revenge novels I've read from a heroine against the hero Maybe I enjoyed this tale of vengeance because I hated the Hero And it really takes a lot for me to hate a H This one was in a class of his own You know the kind that deserves a nice long loving blowjob From a sharkAfter their initial doomed sexual encounter when she's 19 she meets him 7 years later He finds her irresistible But she's not the same naive fool who blindly fell for him at first sight I don't know why she did he had dipshit written all over him from the start She has since developed a spine of steel and a heart of ice and has a sharp comeback for every line he throws at her leaving him speechless and spluttering The verbal sparring between the two was riveting the angst of why she hated him and how she cruelly makes him fall for her is what gives this the 4 star rating Of course a few caveats here and there as with most vintage romances The h at 19 goes off willingly to have sex with someone she does not know at all I'm all for love at first sight but really giving up your viriginity to a stranger you've barely spoken two sentences to Tsk tsk And dude you're 30 and she's 19 He calls her sexual performance mechanical when she tenses in pain at her first intercourse And he doesn't recognise her when they meet up again Not even a flash of hey haven't we met somewhere before exchanged bodily fluids maybe Nothing I kept waiting for an amnesia hook to kick in but nope And worse of all he pursues her aggresively in plain sight of his current girlfriend Hmmm yep no plans to shoot the shark and hand you back your dick for surgical reattachment And finally the annoying revelation in the end when you realise the heroine should have just swallowed her pride and spoken to him about the result of their little liason long time ago All misunderstanding could have been cleared up and a lot of pain suffering and unnecessary angst alleviated But still an amazingly good read Nice grovel by H Enjoyed it immensely

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Had initiated divorce proceedingsDanielle longed to pay him back with interest for the pain he'd caused her But she tried instead to keep him at arm's length to avoid battling herself as well as him. I hated the hero with passion She really REALLY should have tossed himHe's a guy who uses the services of a prostituteNOTHING redeemable about himAny hero who uses paid sex service is basically dead to meNow the heroine WASNT a prostitute is besides the pointHE DIDNT KNOW THAT He also paid her thinking she's oneI will NOT marrytake back a guy like that even if the world peace depended on itSTDs are the least of the concernsHowever 4 star Heroine gives EVERYTHING back to him including paying him for services renderedI would have loved it if the novel ended hereWish this was a psycho thriller so heroine could legit toss him

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 187
  • Past Revenge
  • Carole Mortimer
  • English
  • 03 October 2019
  • 9780373107803

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