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    This is the second of two books in this series Tricia is now helping out her friend while she is in the finale stages of pregnancy Rhys is still struggling over the desertion of his wife two years later She comes from a large family and steps on his toes from the beginning He has issues with keeping his kids under control and household chores Will he realize that she is the best thing for him and his kids or will she leave?

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The Ideal Choice

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Kely to play along He had been so badly burned by his ex wife that he might accept Tricia as his lover but would he really consider anythin.

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Dr Tricia Page arrived at the small rural clinic to cover her friend Linsey's maternity leave But after a disastrous first encounter with D.

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R Rhys Williams and his three children Tricia had than a suspicion that Linsey was matchmaking She also had a good idea that Rhys wasn't li.