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My Testimony

characters My Testimony

Patience A willingness to wait for and listen to the voice of God in every one of life's circumstances Obedience Making a conscious decision to trust and embrace God's directives and operate in your pre destined calling Peace The sensation your spirit has when you have patiently waited for and obeyed the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life My Testimony POP Patience Obedience and Peace was written for this season in your life when you may be s.

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D of Christ Carolyn brings forth her testimony with transparency no holds barred Carolyn states My heart's desire is to have at least one person say 'God I see what happened in her life and how you fixed it for her I know that You can do that for me I surrender and give myself to You Lord' Grateful for the wisdom imparted on her Carolyn's words of encouragement are sure to speak to your spirit from a place of genuine love for ALL of God's childre.

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Truggling with overcoming obstacles On the pages of this book you will learn how Author Carolyn Gregory built her relationship with God even in the midst of being affected by betrayal infidelity mental illness depression and so much You will observe how the Holy Spirit provided her guidance as her faith continued to increase with each difficulty presented With the assurance that her words would help save many lives and draw them into the sheepfol.