SUMMARY ´ The Cowboy's Homecoming

The Cowboy's Homecoming

CHARACTERS The Cowboy's Homecoming

Uy who broke Abby Newton's heart and destroyed her family But when Abby a magazine photographer is assigned to cover the story of his family ranch's 150th anniversary old feelings star. received 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Refuge Ranch


The Cowboy's Reunion Seeking redemption from his troubled past cowboy Lee Bannister returns to his Montana hometown He's not looking for love just to prove he's not the same reckless g. I have books then I will ever have time to read even if I live to be 100 Unles

Carolyne Aarsen ¼ 1 SUMMARY

T to resurface He knows Abby will never forgive him But as they spend time together they begin to discover the lies that kept them apartand that some reunions are meant to last forever. This was so good I took away half a point because I totally guessed the twist w

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