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Ides to go off the grid spiriting her away to the remote Vermont countryside at Christmas Jackson wants to trust her but with danger dogging their every move he'll have to use all his energy to keep her aliv. This a story about a young woman on run with a Marshall trying not to get killed Heroine is Callie and hero is Jackson he is to keep her safe till a trial but doesn't know if he can trust herTheir loves grows as story progresses Jackson gave up on God a long time go reason is in story Callie teaches him to believe a little bit again Loved this story % star book for me


CHRISTMAS IN WITNESS PROTECTIONAfter her ex–boyfriend's murder Callie Martin has no choice but to trade her uiet life as a kindergarten teacher for the witness protection program It's US Marshal Jackson Wa. Christmas in Hiding is by Cate Nolan It is a Love inspired inspirational suspense Callie Martin has no choice but to testify against the men who killed her boyfriend Rick Rick was dealing in drugs which came as a surprise to her However someone thinks differently and is out to get her She is in the Witness Protection service Her life as a kindergarten teacher is now non existent Who would trust her again When her US Marshal escort Ben is taken off the case due to a knife wound he puts her in US Marshal Jackson Walker’s capable hands When an attempt is made to kidnap the US Assistant Attorney General just after she has uestioned Callie Ben is knifed and Callie’s life is in danger Ben had asked his friend Jackson to take over Callie’s protection for him so Jackson whisked her away Although he makes every attempt to derail those men who follow them they still show up and try to kill or kidnap her They are on the run now Can they trust each other

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Lker's job to keep Callie safe but the men who would do her harm just keep getting closer and closer Either someone on the inside is betraying Callie or she's lying to Jackson about her involvement So he dec. Pretty trite but made for a good hospital waiting room read