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    Not goodnot badcould have been better I didn't really feel the connection between Jose and Stella It was very undecided on where they wanted to take their relationship As far as the pacing of the story it was OK but there are no hanging on the edge of your seat momentsThis is by far in my opinion the weaker installment of the series so far

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    This was my first book by Catherine Mann and I generally liked itI definitely liked Jose He is not your typical alpha man I enjoyed that he is sensitive than Stella Stella is okay but there were times I wasn't keen of her She demands from Jose to left everything and to live her dream the life she planned for them She doesn't accept that he has some other plans she just expects him to change them to change himself And she is not ready to give up even a tiny bit of her dream too just to be with him to meet him halfway But when for the first time he says he will leave everything for her she doesn't accept the offer She wants him to not only live her dream but also to make it his own It's selfish view spoilerI wish she didn't win with that That Jose wouldn't bend under her will for them to meet the halfway hide spoiler

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    Good read but not great I didn't love it Jose and Stella individually were both likeable characters with interesting backgrounds but I didn't feel a connection between them There was heat but no warmth if that makes sense A little too much suspense too little romance C

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    35 4 out of 5 Stars“He was a PJ parajumper and she'd worked her entire career with Interpol with one goal to find the truth about her mother's death”Free Fall was our first read by Catherine Mann and we did not read previous books in the series Although this is book four in the series it may be read as a stand alone Free Fall was easy to follow and wrapped up without any cliffhangersIt's not about the pace or the distance It's the 'afterward' that has me worried the everyday life part and the uiet moments As long as I keep running I'm good When I stop I crashJose and Stella met on a covert mission and from there an intense fast relationship grew between them until five months in it came to a standstill Stella wanted from their relationship and Jose was unable to commit at the level she needed Therefore they broke things off A pain filled month later they are thrust back together in another covert mission and this round has Jose saving Stella Their journey isn’t getting any easier emotionally or physically Both of them need to set their emotions for each other aside so they can focus on what lies ahead State secrets are beginning to unfold traitors are uncovered inside and outside the multiple organizations and betrayal of the worst kind will uestion whether forgiveness can be consideredYou don't seem to get it You broke my heart Not some flowery romantic sob story It's messy and painful Let me say it again clearer You broke my fucking heartOverall we really liked Jose and Stella as characters However those two definitely struggled as a couple Stella and Jose were a mess together On their own they kicked ass Both had strong personalities; they were loyal and passionate towards their jobs and each other The emotional struggle and connection was there between the characters and very well developed We felt their love and their pain but at times the sexual chemistry seemed a little lacking to us Their relationship teetered on the fact that they couldn't be together but they also couldn't stand to be apart Even though they were deeply in love with each other their different wants out of life became a huge obstacle that they couldn’t seem to compromise on and the outcome ended up breaking their hearts They knew they need to be together as there wasn’t anyone else for them but could not agree on what that really meant Jose has commitment issues his painful past interferes with his ability to commit the way Stella needs and she is not willing to compromise on what she wants out of life; that included the house kids and white picket fenceThere were secrets omissions danger drama and twists that kept the story interesting A major twist surprised us both We adored Catherine Mann’s writing style and her glimpses into their past and present memories from alternating points of view Our hero and heroine were a complicated dance of denial running pushing away and pulling back together At times we felt it moved a little slow and the push and pull between Jose and Stella seemed a little old after a while The secondary characters however were a fun and entertaining mix amongst the turmoil helping to break up the tensionThank you to Catherine Mann for providing us with the opportunity of reviewing Free Fall for an honest opinion

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    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating CFree Fall opens six months in the past when Jose and Sarah first meet during a mission Sarah works with Interpol and Jose as a pararesceman Their romance starts the minute these two lay eyes on each other but we don’t see it because the story then jumps to present day and the couple has been broken up for a month Through flashbacks we see their romance and eventually why they broke up Sarah someday wants to settle down and have kids Jose does not They both love each other so much thought that the other person was it for them the one they were meant to be with but neither one wants to give in on what they want for the future They broke up and it’s killing both of them to be apart Their paths cross again when Sarah undercover as a student trying to find out the truth about her mom’s death is held captive and Jose is part of the team assigned to go in and get her and the other captives Once again they can’t stop the strong feelings between them but it becomes a romance of who is going to change their vision of the future so they can be togetherI really enjoyed getting the history for both characters their pasts are painful in different ways Jose grew up with an alcoholic mother and later his sister and he’s had his own battle with alcoholism He’s been sober for five years but feels strongly about not fathering any kids worried that he’ll follow in his mom’s footsteps Sarah dealt with the pain of an absent mom who chose to work in Africa with the Peace Corps helping the children there and abandoning her own kids back home Sarah has never truly believed her mom’s death was what they were told and she can’t let it go and comes to Africa for answers until her own life hangs in the balanceWhile I loved getting to know Jose and Sarah as characters I felt like their romance was too back and forth to really get invested in They kept saying things like “this will be the last time” when they have sex or “this goodbye is for good” but they can’t keep their hands off each other But the whole time they were together during their mission they both kept thinking and saying that it wasn’t going to work but they loved each other SO much It got a little old because it was obvious they loved each other and would find a way to be together and the uestion became who was going to compromise I liked the vulnerable scenes between them when they talked about their past and the pain they both grew up with and are still dealing with now The emotion between the couple was great but the romance left a bit to be desiredThe action was good though nothing that stood out as gripping The overall suspense storyline tracking clues that Sarah was decoding in fabric wraps led to a connection with the Vice President’s wife coming to Africa for a speech This leads to a dangerous situation involving intelligence agents security and traitors close to Sarah and Jose I liked seeing Sarah work her skills in cracking codes and Jose in his parajumper element – yumI felt like this was a good story but nothing that really grabbed me and took hold It’s a bit predicable with Sarah and her mom’s storyline a bit frustrating with the romance and the constant “I can’t stop loving you but I can’t be with you” routine I did like the characters when they let their guards down with each other and I was a sap for a tortured Jose The emotional level was great but it wasn’t enough to make this than good read

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    “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction both are transformed” Carl Jung I immediately grinned when I saw my favorite Carl Jung uote at the beginning of Free Fall Upon finishing I revisited this uote and thought how fitting it was for Jose and Stella's storyAlthough Stella Carson a code breaker and trained agent for Interpol meets pararescueman Jose “Cuervo” James in the prologue the story uickly jumps forward six months later to the present when they are no longer together Circumstance brings their lives together again when Jose is called in to be part of the team to rescue Stella who was taken hostage while undercover In the midst of terrorists threats and twists unfolding we get glimpses of Jose and Stella's relationship through flashbacks I know some would prefer that the story not go back and forth from past to present but I found this didn't bother me so much The flashbacks to their romantic dates together were some of my favorite parts In these scenes Catherine Mann whisks the reader away to the most romantic and exotic locations in Africa Jose planned some truly special dates for Stella to sweep her off her feet Really even I was swept off my feet So why did these two soul mates and intense lovers break up?I found two running themes throughout Free Fallsecond chances and making difficult choices in order to protect loved ones Jose and Stella have a huge opportunity for a second chance to be together if they can only work out their differences I love how Catherine Mann wove the second theme throughout the story Boy does it get really emotional as the plot thickensThere is no doubt that fans of the Elite Force series will enjoy Free Fall The heart pounding action and suspense is all there Free Fall can be read as a standalone I've only read books 2 and 4 but I very much enjoy this series and plan to read the other books soon I've been hooked Catherine Mann's military romances are simply uite addictingI received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Two haiku reviewShe's agent hostageShe sends code message to himLooking for rescueSpies and intrigue hereCharacters can't compromiseAfrican setting

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    My ReviewThis book is a different style of book The prologue is written when the heroheroine meet but the actual book takes place after they dated for five months and then broke up a month ago You don't get to see any of their relationship in current time It's all done in flashbacks and I was fine with that at first but by the middle of the book I wanted to concentrate on their story Their story in current time is that they are caught up in this huge political firestorm in Africa Jose is a PJa pararescueman in the Air Force who runs high risk missions all the time Stella is an Interpol agent The book starts when Stella has been kidnapped and Jose is part of the mission to go in and recover her Catherine Mann wrote these scenes so incredibly wellgah the emotionsYes they've broken up but not because they didn't love each other They broke up because of a significant disagreement about a future with kids Jose grew up in an alcoholic family and is a recovering alcoholic himself He refuses to curse another child with his genetic makeup Stella can't see her future without a family She grew up in a fairly disfunctional one herself but that has just made it so that she craves the whole 2 12 kids and a picket fence all that much The tension and action is great in this It starts from the first page and carries you pretty much through the entire book I loved the seriously strong emotions between the heroheroine and just how emotionally shattered they BOTH are by all that is happening between them and how they both know it's going to turn out I love a good angsty book and this one worked for me in that regard I also have a personal fondness for PJ's so once again this bookseries is a winner in my bookI received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review

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    Pulled from my potential listnot what I'm looking forGoing to keep the 2 star rating second half was inarguably better than the first one but that's the best compliment I can give There wasn't too much past issue diving though there was some in moderation The romance was still a fizzle for me and sometimes the lingodramatization was overplayed a lot making certain plotline parts a little harder to follow I took a nice long break from this book half way through because plotline was dragging and the romance was mediocre at best going back into it was a good idea because I did partly enjoy the last half of the book and I also enjoyed the writing style of the author I did not re read the beginning nor did I read the blurb I simply jumped right back into it I have to point out that even doing that basically starting the book from the middle had absolutely no effect as to my enjoyment of itI didn't miss a beat To methis says the beginning is filled with a lot of pointless garbage Aside from her capturerescue the rest of the 150 pages are unnecessary to the overall plotlineFor being a military romance I was disappointed with this book for several reasons I would give this author another try but I think I will steer clear of this particular seriesI still LOVE the cover though 5 stars for the cover

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    Stella Carson met Pararescueman Jose Cuervo James whiel they were both on a covert mission Their mutual attraction was intense but with his damaged past Jose couldn't give Stella what she needed a family and home Now after their break up they are back together in East Africa facing than just a terrorist plot against the wife of the Vice PresidentTogether they uncover both traitors and someone from Stella's past who shouldn't be alive someone Stella has been searching for information about for yearsJose and Stella still love each other but must decide if it they can beat back their demons to be together againAlthough this appeared to be a book with Jose as its central character for the most part it was Stella's struggles that were well showcased These characters were well matched with strong personalities and needs that meshed well together like puzzle piecesWith a little espionage danger and romance all rolled into one fast read it was good entertainmentThis ARC edition was provided by NetGalley and Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review Publish date March 1 2013To see other reviews check out

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