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Summer Secrets Wickham Hall #2

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Tival rolls near a family secret from the past threatens to rain down on Holly’s parade Can she weather the storm or is this a problem not even Holly can plan her way out o. Loved catching up with Holly and life at Wickham Hall Further glimpses into her home life will she ever find out who her father is And a blossoming friendship with Benedict looking forward to seeing how this develops

Free read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ð Cathy Bramley

Summertime at Wickham Hall is hard to beat The sun is out the gardens are in full bloom and the Summer Festival is just around the cornerWith a clipboard in one hand and her. It's moved into summer at Wickham Hall and Holly is enjoying her job even especially as she gets to know her boss Benedict Fortescue Reading about Holly is like catching up with an old friend and the smaller characters on the book are starting to develop too which is great The descriptions of the hall are fantastic Cathy Bramley really makes you feel like you are there amongst everybody A really enjoyable read that is funny in parts emotional in others and with an ending that has left me on countdown to part three

Cathy Bramley ð 2 Summary

Diary in the other Holly Swift is in her element She’s even warming to Ben her unorganised spontaneous if very attractive boss who occasionally drives her madBut as the fes. The ending

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