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Into the Future

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Lysette Lizzy Carter Hall life would be fine except for one minor detailher ex husband Paul He’s making her life a living hell From not picking up their two children when arranged to filing bogus charges with Child Protective Services She just wants this man out of her life Tristan MacDonald Turners Point youngest city manager just wants a uiet.

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Ggest that she and her children move in with him As they unravel the facts surrounding the murder they become closer As she has to look betrayal in the eye it’s Tristan who picks up the pieces Tristan’s life has never felt better He wants to make Lizzy a permanent fixture in his future Is Lizzy ready to jump back in the fire after getting burn. Devoted, Deadly ready to jump back in the fire after getting burn.

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Life After his divorce he wants no drama But once he sets eyes on his lead attorney Lizzy all those vows fly right out of the window Lizzy has baggage in the form of a clingy ex husband Something about the single mother of two makes him want to protect from all that is wrong in her life When Lizzy’s ex is found dead in her home Tristan uickly su.