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    Thank you Tallini you are an inspiration In fact you say No everything hasn't been taken I can still make something happen and be what I like in God's universe Someone may call you a lunatic but so was Jesus Buddha and all other great world leaders Follow your dreams

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    Usually I can tell when a book is by a mentally ill person and the about the author blurb in the back of this vanity press volume should have been the red flag Tallini has earned a BS in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix; a BSc in Contemplative Psychology from William Cullen Bryant University; and was granted an honorary PhD in Cyberanthropology from Cosmopolitan University Research Institute Something tells me that the mailing addresses for these last two institutions are the spare apartment above Tallini's garageThis time however I didn't pick up on it until p 11 It was rolling along as a rather sloppily compiled hobbyist screed about micronations a passion of mine and then I got to a section like this In time it became apparent that a new branch of law called Cesidian law was actually superior to the Roman law still applied in every nation state on earth so while the false Internet and its false dominion was already apparent false legal concepts ruling the world and even trying to monopolise the Internet became and obvious Then came the euations and the diagrams and lots delusions in the everything in my room has been replaced by an exact replica veinMental illness is no joke so I hope Tallini gets help but not before launching a successful secession bid for his envisioned Independent Long IslandThis book is for micropatrological completists only

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The Fifth World

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Igo race; discusses the mythology of the Fifth World under a Native American Theosophical and Christian perspective; and finally mentions micronation building and branding strategies micronational etymology and polycentric l. Search for the White Moon perspective; and finally mentions micronation building and branding strategies micronational etymology and Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality polycentric l.

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This is a book about advanced micronationalism Fifth World mythology and nation building After starting with a description of the First Second and Third Worlds the Official World it also describes the Fourth Fifth and Sixth.

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Worlds secessionist groups irredentist groups and micronations The book describes how the Fifth World began; gives growth strategies for micronations; mentions the legalities of micronations; talks about the new and real Ind.