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Classic Rock Albums

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Rned them into a worldwide mainstream sensation This book documents the album by featuri

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Ng interviews with the band members and producers and recontructs how the album was made

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Nevermind was the album that took Nirvana out of Seattle's alternative rock scene and tu

About the Author: Charles R. Cross

Charles R CrossThis is Charles R Cross a rock music journalist and author based in Seattle He is the founder of Backstreets magazine a periodical for fans of Bruce Springsteen editor of Springsteen the Man and His Music a compilation of Backstreets articles and is also author of a biography of Kurt Cobain titled Heavier Than Heaven His most recent release is entitled Room Full Of Mirrors A Biography Of Jimi HendrixIn 2004 while conducting research for the Hendrix book Cross rediscovered the gravesite of Jimi Hendrix's mother Lucille Jeter Hendrix in an abandoned section of Greenwood Memorial Park where Jimi Hendrix himself is buried in an elaborate granite memorial The gravesite of Lucille Hendrix was lost because the standard welfare marker of her day an inscribed brick became buried in decades of mud from the area's notorious heavy rains Cross delivered a moving eulogy for Lucille when a proper headstone was dedicated at the siteCourtney Love the widow of Kurt Cobain has acuired the rights to Heavier Than Heaven which is now being made into a film by Universal Pictures This is the first film to be made from Cross' work

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    The story of making of the most famous Nirvana album and yet one of the best alternative albums in human history This books is insight into the minds of the people who made it Nirvana It also contains commentary from producers and other important people in grunge scene It is full of interviews and interesting information

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