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    This is my single most favorite story for Christmastime I just now realized I have a 1947 copy published by Ideals Publishing Corporation The story is very vivid and detailed The sentiments are so universal to anyone who at any age pondered why anyone would look forward to Heaven when it sounded so dull and Earth was so much interesting Clearly the lesson about the gift of the Littlest Angel is also timelessI just read it tonight to my son and it occurs to me that this book is a clear example of the dumbing down of children and oursocieties lowered expectations of young children The vocabulary alone shows that the author knew children didn't have to know or be able to actually read every single word in a book That a children's book could be written with the expectation that an adult would read it aloud And that context clues were readily available to make those above level words less distracting Perhaps children back then didn't get uite as frustrated and give up when encountering a big unknown word I don't know but it struck me strongly enough that I had to find the book on Goodreads and write about it Vocabulary includes precipitous ornamental loitering ingenious fastidious lamentably irreverent blasphemousconsummate I cannot think of a modern euivalent of a children's illustrated book with such verbal maturity I am so glad I have kept this original story and not opted for the abbreviated or re written version found in many a Christmas Story Collection

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    This is a book that is a family tradition started many many years ago My mom bought it one Christmas when I was a teenager and since then has purchased it for each of my siblings and their families I loved the story as a youth and still to this day feel the same about it So not only was it a tradition when I was a teenager and still living at home with my parents but it has carried on to be a tradition to read Christmas Eve with my husband and daughtersWe love it and no Christmas Eve is complete without having my daughters ask When is it time to read 'The Littlest Angel?' The illustrations are absolutely stunning and draw my eyes in every time Each page we have to take time to look at them as if we haven't seen them before Sweet and tender storyHappy Reading

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    The story was all at once too old for young children and too young for adults There was something about the illustrations I didn't particularly care for but it's hard for me to put my finger on what The part about the little boy's wooden box of treasures that he presents for the Christ child was the only part of the book that I really enjoyedBut to be fair I read three stories to one of my daughters tonight this being one of them She chose this story as her favorite

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    Beautiful and charming I can see why it's a classic

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    When I was a child I loved this book It's always been a favorite of my mother and grandmother In fact my grandmother just gave my daughter her copy of the book which had been given to her by my late aunt So I wanted to like this book when I read it to my daughter today HoweverThe theology of this book could not be flawed It perpetuates the old folk theology of angels being human beings who died and went to heaven and idea completely at odds with the Biblical picture of angels Further it perpetuates all of the common cliches about Heaven golden streets a gatekeeper presumably St Peter who writes the names of new angels in a big book angels playing harps etc etc Then there's the whole plot of the Littlest Angel being so unpopular in Heaven all of the other angels look down on him he's a nuisance and he's completely afraid of God's wrath for the blasphemy of his gift So apparently according to Tazewell's theology all of the fears jealousies misunderstandings etc that we currently face here on earth are simply continued in Heaven despite the nice surroundings there What a crock to teach children There's very little that I can actually recommend about this book it's sentimental syrupy completely flawed folk theology presented as an inspirational tale for children The pictures are nice but that's about it I probably will not read it to my daughter again and if she discovers it on her own I will do my best to teach her how fundamentally flawed the story is

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    This is an adorable Christmas story about a little child angel who is always getting into trouble but who gives what he prizes most in the world to the Christ child He is then ebarassed to have given something that most people would find useless and offensive But his gift is the one that is accepted and is used to create the star to lead others to the babe in Bethlehem So sweet

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    I love this story I was however not a fan of the illustrations They just didn't seem to fit my imagination's view of the tale although others will probably feel differently Still this is a beautiful tale not to be missed

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    My favorite Christmas story since I was a tiny girl T Christmas

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    Beautiful book about a sad little angel He's too young and bored with Heaven Gets his box from Earth and is happy Jesus to be born everyone giving gifts Angel gives contents of his box God is pleased likes it best bc the things are from Earth which is where his son is to be born Turns the box into a star that shows the way to Jesus

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    Reading this book aloud is a Christmas Eve tradition with my kids

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