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People of the Mesa

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Aß die Strahlen der großen gelben Scheibe auch die Herzen der Menschen erwärmen und kalte Grausamkeit und Haß daraus vertreiben werdenDoch die Wirklichkeit sieht anders aus Ternee schimpft ihre Tochter eine nutzlose Träumerin und Kormor der Mann den Mara sich erwählt hat A good read

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Die Eiszeit ist vorüber die Sonne läßt Gletscher schmelzen und dort wo bisher Frost und Tod regierten bringt die Erde wie durch ein Wunder plötzlich zartes Grün in vielfältigster Form hervorMara die Tochter der Sonne ist ein Kind dieser neuen Welt und sie hat die Vision d People of the Me

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Zeigt ihr schon bald daß ihr Platz nicht an seiner Seite sondern zu seinen Füßen ist Verzweifelt fügt sich Mara in ihr Leid bis zu dem Tag an dem nicht nur ihr Leben sondern das Heil des ganzen Stammes auf dem Spiel steht Da geht Mara mutig den Weg den die Götter ihr weise

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    People of the Mesa was not nearly as good as Prentiss' first book Children of the Ice It's possible that I'm sick of reading Native American pre history books with a strong female as the protagonist however even though it has been a bit repetative I don't think that's the case here I simply didn't care at all for Mara I felt she was selfish impulsive rude and uncaring She cared nothing for the tribe's traditions and did exactly what she wanted even though she was the daughter of the chief and was supposed to set a good example for others She married someone very strong willed and was angry when she couldn't control him and keep him in his place Yes she did end up saving her people in the end and prevailing but for me that didn't make up for her poor attitude and selfish ways Graum was almost too evil to be real and that aggravated me as well As always the setting was interesting and informative and I learned a good deal but the book still seemed to drag along in parts and I had to take breaks from it Maybe the next book will be better?

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    The story is ok; the writing style is ok too The characters are described the action is there but yeah I just wasn't into it

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    A good read

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    Let me start by saying I'm absolutely LOVE Children of the Ice it's my favorite book by this author and it's the only reason I sought out all the other works I like the idea of a strong female protagonist in a male dominated world and I also like delving into the worlds and customs of these ancient civilizations What I found most off putting about this story was Mara herself what an asshole No wonder no one wanted to follow her she was basically a toddler throwing tantrums when she didn't get her way She had no objectivity no foresight she was just really grating The lesbian love story not the greatest I'd watch it in movie form wink nods Lesbians on the Plains yummy but it didn't work in this book and if you must throw it in at least give me some full frontal Even the ending left me wantingjust

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    This is an well written American pre history novel It begins with a matriarchal tribe in what is today Idaho An evil man from the north comes in one winter day and changes the lives of this peaceful group of people The story of how they deal with him ensues This novel kept my interest much better than most other prehistory novels I have read

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    Although good not as good as Children of Ice it was a uick read This one spent time like I thought the first would be A coming of age story about a teen who is unhappy and tries to make herself happy by not listening to others Although the end was very satisfying it still left me wanting a fulfilling ending ready for the next one

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    Entertaining and unbelievable Worth a read if you enjoy this type of book

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