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Things to Do When Youre Goth in the Country And Other Stories

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Ar with the PalestineIsrael conflict than anyone would have thought possible And in the title story Woods brings us into the mind of a ueer goth teenager who faces ostracism from her small town evangelical churchIn the background are the endless American wars and occupations and too many early deaths of friends and family This is fiction that is fresh and of the moment even as it is timeless. This book is co

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The eight stories in Things to Do When You're Goth in the Country paint a vivid image of people living on the fringes in America people who don't do what you might expect them to Not stories of triumph over adversity but something completely other Described in language that is brilliantly sardonic Woods's characters return repeatedly to places where they don't belong often the places where t. These stories t


Hey were born In Zombie a coming of age story like no other two young girls find friendship with a mysterious woman in the local cemetery Take the Way Home That Leads Back to Sullivan Street describes a lesbian couple trying to repair their relationship by dropping acid at a Mensa party In A New Mohawk a man in romantic pursuit of a female political activist becomes inadvertently much famili. Surprisingly un

About the Author: Chavisa Woods

Chavisa Woods is the author of three books of fiction Things to Do when You’re Goth in the Country The Albino Album both released by Seven Stories Press and Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind Fly by Night Press Autonomedia Unbearables Woods was the recipient of the Shirley Jackson Award The Kathy Acker Award in Writing the Cobalt Fiction Prize and the Jerome Foundation Award for Em

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