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An Agreement Among Gentlemen

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Much as lays a hand on the young man has him keeping his hands to himself Until Henri won't let Ned protect him from himself that is Add one of Ned's old lovers to the mix and the combination is unbeatable This Victorian romp has it all from family intrigue to marriages of convenience and naughty fun between the sheets Take it to bed with you tod. Probably the best historical mm I've read so far I thought some of the issues were handled very well from marriages to dealing with servants And the smexin was just so hot

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Edward Munrow has had a change in circumstances Going from being a gentleman of few means to being a wealthy land owner in less than a day is difficult enough to imagine but being blackmailed into a marriage he doesn't want by a Duke is just too much Ned agrees to the marriage to keep his name out of the scandal sheets and soon enough he is meeti. I've been in somewhat of a slump since June and it's making me a bit crazy I'm unsure if it's just me picking the wrong books or if I'm just sick of books period I'm hoping that's not the case but I'm beginning to wonder With that said this book was started in June and took me nearly two full months to finish I'd pick it up read a few pages and put it down again Thus this review and my memory is not to be trustedThe main problem here was the fact that I had some issues with the main guy Edward Munrow and it tainted everything and made the story difficult to enjoy He was spoiled and admittedly a lazabout mooching off the family funds and his brother and bitching and moaning about his lot in life Oh woe is me I don't like lazy good fer nothings in real life and can barely tolerate them in books unless they're exceptionally charming and this guy wasn't exactly my idea of charming He's drinking and partying and enjoying the high class life when lo and behold he inherits a large estate What luck eh Why can't someone drop a mansion on me But there's a catch He must secure a wife and an heir in order to keep it and he'd be a real fool not to keep it He prefers men and enjoys his freedom so he's not at all happy about this turn of events I can't blame him for that really He is then blackmailed into marrying a woman with a handsome grown son The son spends the summer getting to know our lucky protagonist Edward who lusts after him and awakens him to pleasures of the flesh this part did manage to grab my attention can you believe Edward calls him his little lamb which is fitting considering his innocence and willingness to follow Edward's lead and it leads him to some seriously sexy timesThis was a sensual sexy book with a decently done three way lust story but it didn't grab me emotionally in any way which was disappointing There were no deep emotional connections developed here despite the love declarations and I truly wish I could have seen the world through the little lambies eyes as well I felt cheated out of some scenes that I was anticipating and am sure I missed something that would have changed my world I feel like a meanie because everyone seems to adore this story but I just wasn't feeling it for the most part

Free download Ú E-book, or Kindle E-pub ä Chris Owen

Ng Lady Jane a member of the Duke's family and her son Henri the Viscount Langton Langton is a delightful surprise for Ned a young man just coming into his own ripe for the sorts of debauchery Ned is best at The problem is that Langton brings out all of Ned's protective instincts and that along with a warning that the Duke will ruin him if he so. 35 starsI read the first half of the book with a bit of irritation The main character Edward is given an estate and riches by a good friend of his view spoilerhe was Edward's father ex lover hide spoiler

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I live and write in eastern Canada I went to a bunch of schools learned a lot of things and now make stuff up because not to do so is unthinkable I'm fond of fountain pens Levenger's Circa system and Steampunk fashions I'm inspired by the day to day minutia of life and find beauty in the way words go together I like texture and richness of experience I'm not shy I'm happy I'm learning