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Xie can even stifle her outrage she learns that a vigilante group has abducted Coombs and given him a brutal taste of his own medicineDixie can't help wondering if the attack involved her friend Assistant DA Brenda Benson threatened by Coombs as he strolled out of the courtroom And when Dixie can't help wonderi. Based on the wow factor of the first novel in this series I could hardly wait to start the second book RAGE FACTOR If you aren't into rape violence and vigilante revenge you may want to pass this one This takes gritty to a new level it is not for the faint of heartI really liked the fact that Dixie was still with her paramour Parker Dunn from the first story However there's plenty of angst between them There's the issue of the dangerous nature of Dixie's job Parker is worried that Dixie will get into something she can't handle The opening chapters of this story prove Parker to be right to worryAs a native Houstonian I've enjoyed the generous sprinkling of Houston area sites and addresses in this series It is a nice change from the usual addresses in Los Angeles; is just me or are most of the bad guys in crime novels hanging out in LA San Francisco I'm glad to see that a few have moved to HoustonThis book has several things going on; it begins with an assaultrapist escaping conviction through his good looks and sincere smiles The rapist has the prosecutor and Dixie in his sites for vicious retaliationIn the meantime Dixie has taken a bodyguard job protecting the 16 year old daughter of a famous actress Threatening notes have been coming for weeks to the actress The most recent one has promised that the stalker will take his anger out on the daughterAt the same time a vigilante group of unknown persons is wreaking vengeance on those miscreants who escape justice in the court system Dixie is worried that she may know some of the participants All these strands make for a well paced book with lots of action some of it grisly4 starsDixie Flanagan1 Bitch Factor 19982 Rage Factor 19993 Chill Factor 20004 Slice of Life 2012


Ng Dixie can't help investigating As the vigilantes strike again she learns that these outlaw avengers risk spinning out of control and at least one of them will go to any length to protect their mission And worse Dixie doesn't know there's someone else targeting her someone who likes his revenge slow and painf. This one was brutal It kept me breathless throughout the story that had multiple things going on through different voices telling the story Dixie is still the main character and she has her bounty hunting to do as well as bodyguard duty and the investigation into the vigilante group Avenging Angels to see to because she is worried it's actually people she knows and cares about who are taking the law into their handsThe bodyguard detail is to look after the daughter of an actress out from California to film a sci fi flick and her teenage daughter is none too happy to have a babysitter She causes Dixie problems from the get go and all Dixie wants to do is get her through the day without issue Add to the mix the Avenging Angels and the criminals they are after these are the most intense scenes in the book Not for the faint of heartFive brutal beans

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Bounty hunter Dixie Flannigan is well acuainted with the difference between law and justice But not even she can believe a sleaze like Lawrence Riley Coombs on trial for a sadistic rape will walk especially after jumping bail and attacking her when she went to bring him in But a jury sets him free and before Di. Excellent

About the Author: Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers was born in Texas and raised in the days of EC Comics and “B” horror flicks that could chill you down to your funny bones She resides in a small community within commute of the four major Texas metropolises where she ghostwrites business books and memoirs while turning out her own novels and short stories Chris has taught mystery writing at the Rice University School of Continuing

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