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  • The Bryant Advantage CCNP SWITCH Study Guide
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The Bryant Advantage CCNP SWITCH Study Guide

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T illustrated lectures and plenty of labs all performed on REAL Cisco switches by the way you'll be better prepared for the CCNP SWITCH exam than you ever thought possibleEven better I've added a new feature to the Kindle version that I know will help you nail the SWITCH exam and be prepared for real world successAt the end of most sections of this book you'll find links to related videos on my YouTube Computer Certification Channel videos that don't cost you one extra dime to watch and that are guaranteed to help you master the SWITCH topics Between the Video Boot Camps and Video Practice Exams you'll find there you'll achieve total mastery of each exam topicI'm ready and waiting to help you master the CCNP SWITCH exam and I absolutely guarantee this book is the best ten bucks you'll ever spend on any CCNP SWITCH exam preparationEspecially when you consider a retake costs hundreds of dollarsThanks for making The Bryant Advantage part of your CCNP success storyLet's get startedChris BryantCCIE #12933The Computer Certification Bulldog.

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UdentsYour program is by far the best in the industry in terms of price uality and scope of the information It's a great value and I appreciate the time and thought you put into the CCNP products Very nicely done indeed Jason Neumann CCNPThanks for all your help and support in my Cisco journey I would not be a network engineer working for a Cisco Gold Partner without your instruction Ken Gander CCNP One thing I wanted to note was your style of writing I really was receptive to this style and think people could learn from this method The fact that you carefully placed small doses of positivity within the technical writing was really encouraging Nick Algood CCNP I just wanted to write and say thanks again for all the great study materials that you provide Just last week I earned my CCNP I used your stuff exclusively to study for every Cisco exam that I've taken and I think they are by far the best training materials available for anyone looking to become Cisco certified Bill Phillips CCNPWith my clear comprehensive straight to the poin.

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My personal guarantee to youThis is the best 999 you'll ever spend on your CCNP SWITCH exam preparationChris BThe CCNP SWITCH exam is usually the first hurdle between you and the CCNP and my study guide is guaranteed to help you pass this exam AND be prepared to work with Cisco switches in real world environmentsThis exam demands mastery of complex topics from advanced STP configuration to switch security from multilayer switching to multicasting and everything in betweenI'm going to help you master these topics and earn your CCNP with my crystal clear BS free CCNP SWITCH Study GuideThis study guide is absolutely packed with configurations and screen shots from REAL Cisco switches and many of the examples and labs in this book come from real world situations that I and other network admins have faced personallyMy BS free non technobabble study guides have helped CCNP candidates earn their certifications for seven years and now I'm ready to do the same for you with this study guideLet's hear from just a few of my thousands of happy st.